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Top Tips to Eliminate Small Business Stress

tackling stress

Starting a business of your own can prove to be a very rewarding experience from a long-term point of view. Still, even the most successful ventures suffered from “growing pains” during their initial stages. These stressful situations can take a toll upon the mindset of any business owner or freelancer. (more…)

Five Steps To Turning On Innovation

ways to innovate in your business

In two years, what decisions will you have wish you had made today?

It’s a question that leaders should continually ask. But the pressure of day-to-day business means that thinking about the future can feel like a luxury in many companies. (more…)

Be a Great Place to Work – 5 Ways to Support Staff Wellbeing

Employees need to know that leaders and managers at all levels believe the wellbeing of staff really does matter; that they are committed to providing the resources and doing whatever is necessary to make their workplace a good place to work.

Here are five ways to help ensure that happens: (more…)

How to Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks During the Coronavirus Outbreak

cyber security for employees working from home

As the UK remains subject to strict measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has identified a surge in ‘coronavirus-themed’ malicious apps, websites, phishing emails and messages that seek to steal confidential or sensitive information. The Chartered Trading Standards Institute has even suggested that the UK has been the most severely targeted country for COVID-19 related phishing emails. (more…)

Top Tips for Tip-Top Presentations

presenting tips

One of the main benefits of all the technology that surrounds us these days is that it allows us to do things that would have been outsourced in the past. And when you’re running a start-up or a small business on a shoestring it makes sense to go down the DIY route for all sort of requirements – your branding, design & print and your presentations for example. (more…)

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: How Does it Work, and What Will Change?

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme opened on 20 April, and the uptake has been huge; at the start of May, claims had been made for a quarter of private sector workers. Under the scheme, employers can claim 80% of staff wages from the Government, up to a cap of £2,500 per month; they can choose […]

What Are the Legal Implications If You Can’t Fulfil Contracts

Where do you stand legally if you have outstanding contracts that you cannot fulfil through no fault of your own, or have contracts with others for the supply of goods or services which they cannot fulfil? We asked Amanda Hamilton, Chief Executive of the NALP to outline the legal implications.

How to Keep Morale Up at Your Small Business

Many of us are feeling much more anxious than usual as lockdown continues to disrupt our lives and our businesses. Anxiety can make it hard for us to concentrate, be creative, and adversely affect our ability to adapt to the changing business conditions, to make the most of any opportunities, and to plan creatively for […]

Maintaining Cyber Security With a Remote Workforce

With unprecedented numbers of people working from home, businesses have to ensure staff are safeguarded when working remotely. We asked Scott Lester, Cyber Lab Manager at 6point6 to explain how businesses can ensure cyber security for remote workers.

COVID-19: Changing the Face of Recruiting

Coronavirus is changing how businesses attract and hire great employees. Charles Hipps, Founder and CEO of Oleeo, looks at how the recruitment process is having to adapt to COVID-19 and discusses the opportunities and challenges posed by the pandemic.

6 Tips to Stay Connected When Working Remotely

With most businesses in the UK now having a good portion of employees working from home, and with the likelihood of an increase in remote working going forward, we asked author Andy Salkeld to share his tips on how teams can stay connected when based at different locations.

Top Tips to Save Money on Shipping Services

There are many cost overruns which can cripple what might have otherwise been a successful business venture. For businesses operating in the delivery space, one of the most prevalent concerns involves the costs associated with shipping products to the end user.

How to Make the Most of the Move to Remote Working

The coronavirus pandemic has meant businesses across the UK have had to rapidly embrace remote working. The scale and speed that businesses have had to adapt to employees working from home has meant a steep learning curve for many small business owners.

How to Market Yourself When You Can’t Deliver Your Product or Service

During the COVID-19 lockdown many businesses have discovered they are perfectly capable of working remotely and delivering most of what they do online. Sadly, this isn’t the case for millions of businesses working in fields like hairdressing, massage, physiotherapy, children’s parties, cleaning or catering. But this doesn’t mean that business needs to completely stop. 

How to Reduce the Impact of COVID-19 Beyond Government Support

The economic impact of coronavirus is still unknown but is likely to be enormous. In this unprecedented time, there are many uncertainties regarding how businesses can remain viable. Ercan Demiralay, Partner at Wellers, one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms, discusses the measures SMEs can take to alleviate the strain of coronavirus without relying on […]

How AI Can Help Ensure New Hires are the Right Hires

Recruiting is evolving with technology at a frenetic pace. The future will be more machine-driven than perhaps ever before in the ever-expanding quest for recruiters who have to ensure they are hiring the best quality candidates.

Is a CBILS Loan the Best Option for SMEs Affected by COVID-19?

Figures released by the banking lobby group, UK Finance, showed that only one in five UK businesses who have formally applied for government-backed loans have been granted emergency funding during the COVID-19 lockdown. But is taking out a loan under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme the best option?

5 Tips on How to Turn Your Sports Career Into a Business

If you are an athlete how can you create a startup and grow a business as you transition from your sports career? Former pro basketball player, Ferran Martinez knows exactly what’s needed, so we asked him to share his top tips on how to turn a sporting career into a successful business.

Leadership and Trust During Covid-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic is presenting business leaders with some very difficult decisions. At times like these, there is an even greater spotlight on the actions and behaviours of those leading businesses. Here, we look at the key issues leaders need to keep in mind to avoid damaging their reputation and losing trust.

Essential Financial Help for Small Businesses Amid COVID-19

The UK Government has announced an array of support schemes to help businesses struggling to operate during the coronavirus outbreak. Here, Christina Nawrocki, Managing Partner at Wellers, one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms, discusses the range financial assistance available to businesses affected by COVID-19.

Legal Implications of Managing Your Business Under COVID-19 Restrictions

The Government has advised businesses to encourage staff to work from home wherever possible. While some businesses may be well versed in how to manage staff who work from home, for others this is likely to be new territory. You’ll want to ensure that despite having less regular contact with your staff, business is still […]

COVID-19 – Summary of Support Scheme for Self-Employed

The long-awaited statement from the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak regarding COVID-19 support for the self-employed has been announced. Accountants, HFM have produced a handy summary of the support scheme to help self employed individuals to understand how it will work.

Optimise Your Website In 3 Easy Steps

If you have a website (which you probably should), you will no doubt have considered how to get more visitors to the site. Without attracting high quality traffic, a website offers very little real value to any organisation.

Insolvency Practitioner’s Advice to Help Your Business Survive 2020

It’s a challenging time for small businesses right now; 2020 has certainly not got off to a promising start. If you are the director of a company, you are likely quite concerned about the year ahead. To help you tackle potential issues, here is some general advice from Hudson Weir Insolvency Practitioners for business survival […]

Managing Remote Teams During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you worried about managing your business’ remote teams during the current coronavirus pandemic? John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices, shares his advice on how to overcome the challenges of managing a remote team, and highlights the main pros and cons of remote working in the long-term…

How to Perfect a Business Continuity Plan for Remote Working

Across the globe, millions of employees are being advised to work from home, but managing and coordinating a remote workforce is unfamiliar territory for many business owners. We asked Paul Jeffrey, of cloud and continuity experts Iomart, to share his must-do tips on maintaining resilience and integrity when employees have to work remotely.