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How to Use Stories to Become a Better Negotiator

using stories when negotiating

My new book, The Book of Real-World Negotiations: Successful Strategies from Government, Business and Daily Life not only focuses on real world negotiation examples, but a subplot that clearly comes through in the book is the power that stories possess when it comes to negotiating. (more…)

4 Benefits of Partnering with an E-Commerce Firm

set up online shop

There are now more online business ventures in existence than ever before. This only stands to reason, as we have already witnessed countless shoppers migrate to the digital community when purchasing everyday goods and services. While this creates opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, there are many challenges to overcome for an online business to become a success. (more…)

The 6-Step Guide to Raising Equity Finance

Raising capital - equity funding steps

Raising investment is no walk in the park, especially in the current climate, but thorough preparation will make capturing the attention of investors and ultimately convincing them that your investment opportunity is right for their portfolio much easier. (more…)

How to Create a Leadership Simulator Within Your Business

develop leadership simulator

What do I mean by “Leadership Simulator”? A Leadership Simulator is a situation where we can hone our skills, make mistakes without catastrophic results, celebrate our innate qualities and those of our teams, and initiate new ways and ideas without suppression or consequence. Developing leadership skills is important for start-ups and other small businesses to grow. (more…)

How to Choose an Accountant for Your Small Business

what to look for in an accountant for small business

Small businesses look to be facing very precarious times for at least the next year. The pandemic of 2020 has brought with it serious financial uncertainty and a global recession that it will no doubt take a while to recover from.

Arguably, it is more important now than it has ever been for businesses to ensure that their finances are in order. (more…)

Should Businesses Say Farewell to Office Working?

business closing office

The COVID-19 pandemic has given businesses around the world a lot to consider. As the virus has upended the lives and livelihoods of many, there are few sectors that have been immune to its effects. And naturally, many business leaders have been thinking long and hard about how they can best adapt to the circumstances and weather the storm. (more…)

Curiosity in the Workplace & How to Cultivate It

We live and work in unprecedented times. The term VUCA – an acronym developed by the US military to describe the state of affairs post cold war, sums it up well. VUCA – which stands for, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – is as true today as it was then.

Will COVID-19 Inspire a New Wave of British Entrepreneurs?

Starting one’s own business is a desire that many people have. Some harbour the ambition from a very young age, while for others it is something that grows throughout their working lives; for some, the lure is the opportunity to be their own boss, for others there is a very clear issue or gap in […]

How to Keep Your Processes in Sync With Your Business As It Grows

As entrepreneurs, when we have an idea for a start-up, we want our business to succeed and grow. Defining your products and services is part of the journey and having responsive and agile processes is a key part in this. Just remember not to lose sight of your initial idea or concept.

How Have UK Businesses Responded to the COVID-19 Crisis?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has posed great challenges to the world at large: with social distancing measures transforming our day-to-day lives, upending the economy, and driving businesses into the ground, no corner of society has been left untouched by the disease.

Can You Be Trusted? The Skilful Art of Sincere Speaking

Across the globe, we trust scientists, doctors and teachers. Over half of us consider these professions to be trustworthy (Ipsos Global Advisor). Business leaders don’t fare so well. Just one in five are described as trustworthy and, perhaps not unexpectedly, politicians are at the bottom of the heap with a mere one in ten of […]

5 Top Tips to Successfully Promote Yourself Online

“I don’t like promoting myself online.” I have heard this from so many people and I even used to say it myself. I’ve changed my tune, however, because there is so much that can be gained from strategic self-promotion, if done correctly. During these strange times, when we can’t network inperson, it is more important […]

The 10 Biggest Financial Crises in History & How They Changed Business

Financial crises are not like your average recession or corporate fraud. They involve firms and people overborrowing, usually to speculate on shares or real estate. They turn legitimate economic booms into gluttonies of lazy assumptions, hucksterism, and recklessness. Because they’re based on debt, the loss of confidence in one specific area of trouble quickly reverberates. […]

How to Boost Your Employees’ Mental Wellbeing

As this period of Covid-19 continues with no obvious end in sight small businesses and startups have a lot to contend with. Many businesses are operating in a hybrid mode with some staff back in the workplace while others remain working from home. We are all having to deal with ongoing uncertainly and it’s important […]

Why Businesses Need to be More Aware of HMRC Enquiries Due to COVID-19

The Government has made significant financial contributions to British business since the outbreak of COVID-19, however, now the country is reopening, it will want to recoup as much of its £330bn investment as possible through taxation. It is therefore critical that businesses are on top of their tax liabilities to ensure they don’t land themselves […]

Creating a New Post-Pandemic Work-Life Balance

Striking the right balance between work and play is an issue that most business owners have always had to wrestle with. And now the coronavirus pandemic means business owners and leaders are re-evaluating their work-life balance further, so we asked Sid Madge, author of ‘Meee in a Work Minute’ to share his experience on how […]

What Businesses Can Learn From COVID-19 As We Return to the Workplace

As lockdown restrictions continue to lift and employees return to the workplace, it marks an opportunity for businesses to rethink the way they support and nurture their people. Employers able to embrace the ‘new normal’ have the chance to transform the way they work, for the better.

What’s My Business Worth? How to Value a Small Business

When it comes to buying or selling a business, the most important question you need to ask is – how much is it worth? There is no single formula that can be used to precisely value every private business. The seller will want to drive the price up, and potential buyers will want the opposite.

Balancing the Positives & Negatives of Stress at Work

Stress is an inevitable part of everyday life and our bodies are hard-wired to respond to it. However, it’s clear stress is taking a negative toll on businesses across the country. Poor mental health costs employers between £1,205 and £1,560 per employee every year. This cost is for all employees, not just those who are […]

How to Start an Arcade Business

The coronavirus pandemic led to many UK businesses in the entertainment industry closing their doors. Only in the last few weeks have some started to re-open under strict social distancing guidelines (meaning significantly reduced capacity and revenue).

Crowdfunding to Avoid VCs

It won’t be news to any startup that the investment industry has taken a hit during the pandemic. Every new deal is being viewed with caution and the brakes are being put on by VCs, and angels alike, while so much uncertainty pervades the markets.

Esport Opening Up New Opportunities for Travel Businesses

So far, 2020 has been a year to forget for those operating in a whole range of industries. But few have been harder hit than the travel sector. There is cautious optimism that the worst is behind us, but the industry faces changes that will linger for the long term, perhaps permanently.

How to Close a Presentation or Speech

Have you ever ended a presentation and wondered if your audience got the point or was convinced to invest in your venture? If you have, chances are you did not properly prepare your closing. Here, Vinette Hoffman-Jackson of Toastmasters International explains how to close your speech, pitch or presentation successfully.

Banish Zoom Fatigue and Teams Tedium

As small business owners, the switch to virtual communications means we’re spending big chunks of every week in online meetings, joining webinars as well as dealing with social media. We asked Lyn Roseaman to share her advice and tips on how you can get the most from communicating online.

Clever Tips to Ensure Your Small Business Stays Profitable

Your business is your lifeblood – you have poured your passion and determination into it to make it a success. You’ve spent countless late nights and weekends to create a business you are proud of, but how can you ensure your small business remains profitable as you grow?

Top Tips to Eliminate Small Business Stress

Starting a business of your own can prove to be a very rewarding experience from a long-term point of view. Still, even the most successful ventures suffered from “growing pains” during their initial stages. These stressful situations can take a toll upon the mindset of any business owner or freelancer.

Five Steps To Turning On Innovation

In two years, what decisions will you have wish you had made today? It’s a question that leaders should continually ask. But the pressure of day-to-day business means that thinking about the future can feel like a luxury in many companies.

Be a Great Place to Work – 5 Ways to Support Staff Wellbeing

Employees need to know that leaders and managers at all levels believe the wellbeing of staff really does matter; that they are committed to providing the resources and doing whatever is necessary to make their workplace a good place to work. Here are five ways to help ensure that happens: