Business Link website to be switched off on October 17th

Government business portal, Business Link, will be disbanded on October 17th, and replaced by a new service – GOV.UK.

The Government has been keen to reduce the number of websites it uses, and the different types of technology which run behind them.

From October 17th, GOV.UK will replace DirectGov as well as Business Link, and provide a “simpler, clearer and faster way to use government services online.”

From first impressions, the new domain does appear extremely simple to use, but includes information as diverse as ‘Life in the UK’ and Travel, as well as a scaled down business section. It is very different from Business Link, and is unlikely to be able to provide the same level of information as the current site does.

The Government has consciously removed certain parts of the sites that GOV.UK is to replace – either when the information has become outdated, “or where that information is better served elsewhere on the web.”

Some services, such as ‘My Business’ profiles will no longer work when the sites are switched over, so users are advised to download any information they may have stored in their profiles as soon as possible (such as business checklists). Email alerts will no longer operate.

The ‘Contracts Finder’ function, on the other hand, will be largely unchanged from the current version which is live on Business Link.

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