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At 1.30pm on Wednesday 16 March, 2016, George Osborne delivered his eighth Budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The overall headlines include the introduction of a sugar tax on soft drinks from 2017, extra funding for schools to have longer days and a downward revision of growth forecasts for the UK, but what did Budget 2016 bring for small businesses?

Here are the main points that affect business owners, both self-employed and limited company directors; Continue…

Large firms are set to enjoy another Corporation Tax cut following Budget 2013, but while the headline rate has been reduced significantly under the current Government, small companies will not benefit.

The Chancellor delivered his 4th Budget speech at 12.30 today. Here is a summary of the key points announced, with particular reference to the changes which affect small businesses.

The Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement this lunchtime. Here are the main points of interest to small business owners:

This page contains the key points from today’s Budget, including both personal and business tax changes:

Many industry figures have praised George Osborne for the pro-enterprise measures he included in last week’s Budget, with further measures to encourage entrepreneurism in the classroom announced this week. Continue…

The Chancellor delivered his second Budget on March 23rd 2011.

Here are some of the key points from Budget 2010, as they apply to small businesses.