Interviewing job candidates – How to get it right

conducting good job interviews

Getting the recruitment process right is important for any business as employing the wrong person can have a significant impact on future success. It will also save time and costs as the process will only have to be carried out once and not repeated.

Although some employers perceive interviewing as a small part of the recruitment process, it is a vital opportunity to examine how potential candidates measure up against the needs of the business and, as such, it is important to get it right.

There are also risks of discrimination that employers should be aware of to avoid a tribunal claim, so here’s how to make sure your interviewing process gets the right results. (more…)

How to handle interviews with journalists – Top Tips

If you plan to use free publicity to promote your business, there’s going to come a point where you have to do media interviews with journalists.

Even if you dread the thought, you should welcome them. An interview with a journalist is a sure sign they are planning to run a story about you or your business – and sometimes the better the interview goes, the bigger the coverage.