Which Types of Insurance Must Your Business Have?

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As with owning a car, you are legally required to take out certain insurances when running a business. If you don’t you can be fined heavily and could put your entire operation at risk. It’s also sensible to have some of the many optional business insurance policies available to cushion you from nasty shocks.

With dozens of different types of insurance cover available for businesses, here’s ByteStart’s review of the main insurances that businesses ‘must have’, some insurance cover you ‘should have’, and several ‘could have’ policies. (more…)

A Guide to Key Person insurance

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This is a promoted guide from MyKeyManInsurance.com.


Whether you are a new startup or a large company, it’s more often than not the people who are key to the success of a business. A business that relies on a technical website or important machinery cannot get far without a top web developer or skilled operator to keep things running smoothly.

With some people being critical to the success of a business, what protection do you have in place if any of your key people die, or becoming seriously ill? (more…)