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Useful software and apps for start-up businesses

August 29, 2012

An interesting survey of start-up companies, conducted last year, revealed some of the most popular software and apps on the market  – including many that are completely free to use.

The poll of over 500 small business owners, carried out by US site Best Vendor, found out what sort of technology was rated the highest by respondents in the professional services, technology and digital media industries.

The results are interesting in their own right, and also provide useful pointers to other small businesses, as most participants in the poll are working at the cutting edge of technology.

For email services, the majority of respondents use Google Apps (57%). Google’s dominance is even more pronounced in the sphere of website traffic measurement, with 70% using Google Analytics.

Quickbooks dominates accounting software usage (71%), and the most popular software tools in other areas include Salesforce (CRM), Paypal (Payment Processing), Dropbox (Online Storage), and Adobe  CS5 for website design.

Other useful apps and packages that can improve productivity include Evernote (for note taking and reminders), Basecamp (to manage projects where a number of individuals are involved), and Google Docs (for collaboration).

From our experience at Bytestart, Google Apps, Docs and Analytics are simply essential. Other useful software we have personal experience of include FreeAgent (online accounting), and MailChimp (for inexpensive email newsletter services).

You can access the full survey results here. You may also be interested in the Top 25 tools used by freelancers – published this summer.