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  • registered address limited company

    What is the registered address of a limited company?

    In this article, we explain what the purpose of a registered address of a limited company is, why you need one and how to change your registered address if you relocate.

  • separate bank account

    Do you need a separate bank account for your business?

    If you’re starting up, do you need a separate bank account for your new business? The answer depends mainly upon the type of business structure you choose to work under.

  • joint venture

    How do joint ventures work? Legal considerations

    A joint venture is an arrangement between two or more companies that wish to work together to achieve a specific goal.

  • salary sacrifice small business

    Salary Sacrifice explained for small business owners

    A salary sacrifice is something that many employees could be taking advantage of but through lack of knowledge, or sheer hesitation, they’re missing out on the benefits. 

  • tide small business bank account

    Tide small business bank account – £50 cashback!

    We have set up a partnership with Tide, which is trusted by over 400,000 UK businesses, to provide completely free bank accounts for Bytestart visitors. Plus get £50 cashback!

  • set up a limited company

    How to set up a limited company – the basics

    Everything you need to know about setting up a limited company in the UK; The information you need to hand in, plus the costs and options available to you.

  • limited company advantages

    10 advantages of setting up a limited company

    Although the sole trader route, which is commonly referred to as being self employed, is the most popular way of running a business in the UK, there are significant advantages to operating via a limited company.

  • tax on dividends

    Limited company dividend tax guide

    Here’s how company dividends are taxed, and how you calculate the amount of tax you need to pay on your dividends.

  • sole trader calculator

    Sole Trader Tax Calculator

    Find out how much tax you pay as a sole trader – in terms of income tax and Class 2/4 NICs on your business profits.