5 ways to maximise your business with social media

In recent years, the number of businesses embracing social media has grown rapidly, and this trend is set to continue in the coming years.

The businesses that are successfully using social media as a promotional tool have recognised the importance of delivering valuable content on a regular basis, and the value of stimulating, and engaging with online conversations around their brand.

With the opportunity to connect with such a vast online audience, social media integration is no longer a choice for business owners but indeed a necessity. To help you on the way, here are 5 tips to help your business succeed with social media;

1. Revisit your profiles and ensure they are complete and fully optimised

This may seem obvious, but so many people fail to do this. Does your profile photo reflect you and your business? Are you smiling? Remember, it’s important to be professional and personable!

Your social media profile is a prime piece of real estate, enabling you to promote yourself and your business so ensure they are 100% complete. Showcase your skills and expertise; don’t be afraid to promote yourself as this is the arena to do it in.

Equally important is to ensure you are utilising the areas on your profiles to link back to your website or blog, so make sure they are visible.

2. Become an active member of relevant groups

With so many groups out there it’s important to review them before joining and make sure you can add value to them. A few are riddled with spammers and timewasters, so take your time and choose carefully.

In my opinion LinkedIn has become one of the major leaders in the quality of groups and its members. When you have chosen, sit back and look at the information that is being offered and the questions that are being asked.

Ideally you need to be seen as the authority within your chosen industry, the ‘go to’ person, and utilising the groups is the perfect platform to achieve this.

People will be asking for assistance through questions and comments within groups on a daily basis and this certainly gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.

3. Create your own branded YouTube channel

Many business owners are now using video within their business with great effect; however if you are not using video in your marketing mix then it is the time to start, as you’ve been missing out on an extremely powerful marketing tool.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and it’s owned by Google, hence the fact that Google love you using video within your social media networks.

Having your own dedicated channel will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to followers in a much more personable way than ever before. Unlike in previous decades, customers want to see the people behind the business, and YouTube enables you to do this.

If you’re really not happy being in front of the camera, that’s fine, provide a voice over demonstrating the benefits your products or services provide. Introduce other members of staff on video, or a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of your premises, customers will begin to feel involved.

4. Keyword research

It is by no means a secret in today’s world that consumers are using social networks to find businesses that provide a product or service that they require. They are searching out recommendations for businesses products and services too, through mutual friends, followers and members of social media groups.

Search engines love social media, and also the businesses that are leveraging its power correctly through the use of keywords. However, this is something that should not be rushed into or taken lightly. Take your time to consider the correct use of keywords with your social media, and research the popular keywords related to your business using the Google keyword tool in detail to achieve the best results.

5. Measure your success

This is something that is generally overlooked with regard to social media marketing campaigns, just because the many social networks are free, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cost of some sort attached i.e. your time and effort.

Many people are happy with whatever return they receive, but you should not rest easy at that point, as your time is very valuable and as such you should strive to achieve even more with your campaign.

While in financial terms, ROI usually relates to revenue and profits, it’s a different proposition when it comes to social media. The gains from social networks may not always be measurable in financial terms, they may help boost traffic on your business website, or simply spread brand awareness.

Success in business rarely amounts to anything if you don’t know how to replicate that success. So to do that, you need to know what you did right in the first place and simply replicate it.

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