Guide to Writing a Business Plan – Part 1 – Introduction

The following 8-part guide on how to write a business plan serves as an outline for anyone who is thinking of starting their own business, or improving an existing business.

The aim of this guide is to focus your ideas and create an easy-to-follow plan which can be shown to potential investors, bank managers and business partners.

The guide was written with help from the EBP Business Plan Designer Team.


The sections in this business plan guide are the essential components of any business plan and are also the main points that a potential investor or bank will look for when considering investing in, or lending money to, your enterprise.

It is best not to make the document more than 25 pages long, but anywhere between 20 and 50 pages is acceptable, so long as the content is relevant.

As well as the basic information, we have also included a number of tips in each chapter. These pointers will help you to complete each section of the plan appropriately.

Finally, do not forget that the business plan is the most important document you will create for your company.

It’s only natural that you want to dive straight in and launch your business, but the time and effort you put into researching and developing your business plan will help you to develop a stronger business.


1. Objectives

2. Executive review

3. Market analysis

4. Demand analysis

5. Environmental analysis

6. Company analysis

7. Analysis of the competition

8. Marketing strategy

9. Success factors

10. Economic analysis

11. Finance

12. Conclusion

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