Guide to Writing a Business Plan – Part 8 – Conclusion and Appendices

In Part 8 of our Guide to Writing a Business Plan we look at the ‘Conclusion’.

12. Conclusion

A business plan conclusion, doesn’t need to be very long, in fact, it can be pretty brief.

Your conclusion should; reiterate the opportunity, highlight the key strengths of your plan, summarise your vision, and remind the reader why your business is in a position to successfully execute the plan.

If you are looking to raise funding with your plan, you should detail the finance required.

Depending on who the plan is for, you could also include a ‘call-to-action’, telling the readers what they need to do next.

Add any Appendices

Finally, add any appendices that are relevant and strengthen your business plan.

You should put detailed information that supports your plan but is too ‘heavy’ to include in the main body, in an appendix. These could include things like; additional statistics, results of research that you have done, or maps.

Business Plan Conclusion Tips

  • Be brief
  • This is a good time to transmit your optimism without exaggerating
  • Leave the reader feeling positive

Guide to Writing a Business Plan

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