Use the Christmas Break to Kick-Start Business in 2021

kick start business 2021

I think everyone is counting down the days before they can officially say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 – a year like no other… for all the wrong reasons.

Over the festive season, it can be tempting to enjoy a care-free break with loved ones, or as Sid Madge of Meee explains, we could opt for a low-key Christmas, reduce the health risk and kick-start our businesses for 2021 instead.

Besides, even in ‘normal’ times family gatherings can be fraught with stress. Old grudges and sibling niggles around the dinner table, eating and drinking so much January is spent in detox, and spending money we might need in the coming months on gifts no one really wants. We will never get a better excuse to…

Do something completely different!

I’m a greater believer in micro moments and tiny interventions as the best way to approach change of any type. The mistake most people make is they try to change too much through huge interventions, too quicker. But these types of change rarely work and even if will power alone can keep them in place for a week or two they are unsustainable over the long term.

To make 2021 your best year yet I’ve pulled together some micro moment ideas that might help. Some come from my ‘Meee in a Minute’ books that offer 60 one-minute micro-ideas and insights that can help us to shift our mindset. They are great little stocking fillers too.

1. Look Back to Look Forward

I’m not suggesting we don’t enjoy a lovely Christmas meal, turkey and all the trimming if that’s your thing but instead of falling asleep half way through the Christmas movie why not take a look back over 2020 with your family.

What have you learned? Have you discovered anything unexpected? Perhaps you realised that you didn’t need to spend money to be happy. Did you miss your team members? Did you enjoy working from home or was it a chore?

Sure, it’s been an awful year. Finding a silver lining or something to be grateful for may be hard, especially if you have lost loved ones but try.

How could you use these insights to map out a better 2021? Could you allow your staff to continue working from home for a couple of days a week to give everyone more flexibility in their lives. Could you run a trial or ask your staff what they would like moving forward?

2. Aim for More Happy

Take a minute to consider where you found happiness this year?  Was any of those sources unexpected?

Isn’t it funny that before the pandemic we were convinced that higher profit, better sales, a bigger house or nicer car or better holiday would make us happy? What about now? I did. But now I’m better able to enjoy happiness in the little moments – spending time with my young children, going for a run, doing 15 minutes of yoga, meeting friends (socially distanced of course), listening to music, cooking a tasty meal or sitting quietly enjoying a coffee.

Take a minute to write down 10 things that made you happy in 2020. Make sure those are woven into your weekly life for 2021.

3. Create an Anti-Bucket List

The world is full of so many options and opportunities. So many, that we spend huge amounts of time wondering which ones we should or could pursue. But do you really want to swim with dolphins? Seriously, are you ever going to climb Kilimanjaro?

This ‘stuff’ drains your energy. Create an anti-bucket list of all the stuff mulling around your head that you might do or could do but really have no intention of ever doing.

Liberate yourself from the shoulds and coulds and focus on what you want to do and what’s really important to you and direct all your energy to making that happen.

4. Constant and Never-Ending Learning

We live in a strange world where, on one hand, we have almost immediate access to some of the best, brightest and smartest minds, science and information in history. On the other, we are privy to endless lies and nonsense which is making it harder to determine which is which. And the uncertainty is playing havoc with our mental health. How many of us know someone who has fallen down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole on social media?

The antidote is TED. Take a few minutes each week to turn off social media and dive into a TED talk. These short 20-minute talks are all based on the belief that ideas can change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world.

If you don’t know where to begin, use their ‘Surprise me’ feature, where TED will randomly select a presentation for you to watch. Watch a different TED Talk every day. Read more books, subscribe to Blinkist (book summaries in written or audio format) or enroll in an online course and broaden your horizons.

We can never truly know what we love or are talented in unless we experiment with new skills. or are great places to start and some of the courses are great value.

5. Beginning…

We may not be able to travel as freely as we want physically but our mind is always free. Our mind can go anywhere. Use it to formulate a plan for 2021 and begin;

  • Begin a course,
  • Begin mapping out your business growth or diversification,
  • Begin your exercise practise or your yoga or meditation practise,
  • Begin your gratitude practise.

Just taking a few minutes each day or even every week to bring to mind what we are grateful for, can lift our mood and improve our health. Whatever you want for 2021 – begin it now.

Take a minute to consider what you are putting off. Take one positive step toward that today and keep going.

If Christmas is going to be different anyway, make it really different and use it to map out how you and your business will be different in 2021. Start small. Make like shifts and small manageable changes and you will be astonished at where they can lead.

About the author

This guide has been written exclusively for ByteStart by Sid Madge, founder of Meee (My Education Employment Enterprise) which draws on the best creativity and thinking from the worlds of branding, psychology, neuroscience, education and sociology, to help people achieve extraordinary lives. Sid is also author of the ‘Meee in Minute’ series of books which each offer 60 ways to change your life, work, or family-life in 60 seconds.

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