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Late payment debt recovery service for ByteStart visitors

As late payment problems consider to plague small businesses, we have teamed up with a leading debt recovery service to ensure ByteStart visitors can receive help getting their invoices paid.

Late paying clients

For many small companies, just one single late payment can have a significant effect on cash flow.

As a result, to help any ByteStart visitors who are affected by late payment problems, we’ve teamed up with Safe Collections.

Our experience – instant results

A business partner put us in touch with Safe Collections after one of our customers failed to settle a series of invoices. Having called and emailed the client many times over a period of six months, we finally lost patience.

We forwarded details of the late invoices and client contact details. The very next day, we received an apologetic phone call from the customer, and the full sum owed arrived via CHAPS in our business bank account within a matter of hours.

As a result of our experience, and those of several other business partners, we are happy to recommend this service to ByteStart visitors.

You can find out full details of the debt recovery service here.

Your late paying customer will be sent an initial letter requesting payment, which will typically be followed up with a series of professional telephone calls and other measures.

Unlike many recovery services, there are no upfront payments.

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As an example of costs, for invoices up to 2 months late, you will pay 5% of the invoice value, and for 2-6 months, 10% of the invoice value.

Special rates for ByteStart visitors

For ByteStart users, we have negotiated preferential rates over and above those quoted on the Safe Collections site.

Mention “BYTESTART” when you get in touch, and you will be sent the special debt recovery rates we have negotiated for you.

Simply visit the Safe Collections website for more details, or call the team on 01772 45 45 05.

What other people have said

Here are a few words from other companies who have used this service:

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Managing Director – Corporate Entertainer Limited.
“Thanks for all your help and caring during this initial change over period. It’s great having Safe Collections behind us.”

Divisional Director – Gasforce Limited.
“We consider that this professional, dedicated and tactful approach to referrals from us is enhanced by the knowledge that Safe Collections and all its employees have in their own specialist field and has provided us with a first-class customer service. This approach has made a significant impact and contribution to our own operations.”

Company Secretary – Hazlins of Ludlow Limited.
We have over the past six / seven years used their debt collection services to great effect. We have always found them to be a very professional company but operated with that personal touch, a rare commodity in this day.”

Managing Director – Magnacell.
“I have no difficulty in recommending this very professional company to anyone experiencing difficulties chasing overdue invoices. They achieved a high rate of success very quickly and with a minimum of fuss. A huge point in their favour as far as I was concerned was the fact they did not charge me an arm and a leg”

Credit Manager (Former) – H J Heinz & Co Limited.
“We have known Mr Home and Safe Collections for many, many years. They have acted on our behalf in the collection of difficult debts and their results are excellent. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other prospective clients.”