Key Guides

  • separate bank account

    Do you need a separate bank account for your business?

    If you’re starting up, do you need a separate bank account for your new business? The answer depends mainly upon the type of business structure you choose to work under.

  • tide small business bank account

    Tide small business bank account – £50 cashback!

    We have set up a partnership with Tide, which is trusted by over 400,000 UK businesses, to provide completely free bank accounts for Bytestart visitors. Plus get £50 cashback!

  • sole trader bank account

    How to choose the best sole trader bank account

    There’s no rule that says you must open a separate business bank account when you start working as a sole trader. In theory, you could use your personal bank account to receive client payments, pay…

  • business banking

    Concise guide to choosing a business bank account

    One of the first things you will do when you set up a new business is to open a business bank account. The easy thing to do is to use your personal bankers to act…

  • cashplus bank

    Cashplus business bank account review

    We look at what the Cashplus business bank account offers customers, as well as some of the pros and cons of using this banking solution.

  • bank charges low

    How to keep your business banking charges low

    One of the most frustrating things you will come up against as a small business owner are bank charges. Unlike personal banking, where we are used to paying only to have an overdraft, most business…

  • open banking affects small business

    5 key facts businesses need to know about Open Banking

    Open Banking is here and is about to transform competition in the banking and funding arenas. Since 13 January 2018 nine of the largest banks in the UK are governed by the new regulations introduced…

  • How to write a business plan for you, not the bank

    When you decide it’s time to get your business started, you’ll find the first piece of advice given by most experts is to “get a business plan written”. And they’re right; that is the first…

  • The secrets of getting a business bank loan

    Borrowing money from a bank to finance your business is a lot harder than getting a loan to buy a new car or to improve your home. Banks have a number of tough rules that…