How to Modernise Your Vehicle Fleet

Many brick-and-mortar businesses rely upon a fleet of vehicles to perform day-to-day activities. Whether arriving to a construction site, transporting materials between two different locations or meeting with customers to discuss a future project, it is important that every vehicle delivers quality results.

This doesn’tt only refer to common concerns such as MOT inspections and ensuring that engines are running properly. Instead, many business owners need to address additional factors including efficiency and branding. Let us therefore take a quick look at a handful of effective and cost-effective steps which can be taken in order to provide your fleet with a long-awaited upgrade.

Consider Bespoke Branding Solutions

Advertising is critical during every stage of client engagement. While methods such as online websites and newspaper ads are effective, we need to keep in mind that your vehicles can play an increasingly powerful role. A growing number of business owners are therefore choosing to apply bespoke logos and graphics in order to embrace a more proactive form of marketing while out on the open road.

As these decals are generally made from a durable vinyl material, they can last for years at a time with only a minimal amount of maintenance. Here are some details which should always be incorporated into vehicle graphics when possible:

  • The unique logo of your organisation.
  • Contact information such as a telephone number and an email address.
  • A mission statement or a catchy slogan.

From a functionality point of view, it is also interesting to note that vinyl vehicle signage can help to protect underlying surfaces; important in order to avoid superficial damage caused by the elements. Vinyl vehicle graphics are cost-effective ways to provide your business with a useful marketing boost.

The Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring

Are you aware of where your fleet of vehicles is on any given day? How long was required for a specific employee to deliver a parcel to a customer? Are your drivers taking the shortest possible route to a job site? These questions can be tricky to answer without the use of modern technology.

So, it only stands to reason that cutting-edge vehicle tracking services are becoming the mainstay of many businesses. These are excellent ways to increase employee accountability and they can also help to reduce your operational costs over time by knowing how you may be able to improve your transportation methods.

This type of tracking can also identify seemingly small issues such as excessive braking or drivers who fail to adhere to the posted speed limits. As a result, you will remain confident in the fact that all vehicles can be proactively monitored within a real-time scenario. Finally, a company which utilises tracking services illustrates to its customers that it is keeping one step ahead of the technological curve.

Modernising a fleet of business vehicles will obviously require a financial commitment and yet, the ultimate return on investment cannot be overstated. Please feel free to adopt all of the recommendations mentioned above.

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