How Companies Can Motivate Staff in 2019

ways to motivate staff

Human resources as a role within organisations has grown significantly in the last 20 years, and today, employers need to find ways to motivate their staff and keep them satisfied at work.

Not only are happier staff likely to be more productive, but they are a less likely to leave and companies will save money on recruiting and retraining staff. With this in mind, we offer a number of ways that companies can motivate staff in 2019.

Flexible work schedules

Staff of all ages will appreciate the option of flexible work schedules. Particularly, those with small children like to be able to take their children to school in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day – and having that flexibility is something that the employee is usually very grateful for.

Equally, those with medical issues like the opportunity to work from home on some days or be able to have the flexibility to go to appointments for doctors or physiotherapy.

The practice of working from home on Fridays is something that has gained a lot of momentum in the UK and is considered a good way to finish the week and ease into the weekend.

Wellbeing and healthy living

The notion of health and wellbeing is something that is gaining more interest in 2019. This includes activities that reduce stress and encourages things like fitness and yoga.

workplace wellbeing - staff yoga

Companies such as Yu Life have created a platform for rewarding staff with yu coins for miles that they walk every day. Every coin can be cashed in for discounts from the likes of Amazon, ASOS and Urban Massage.

Childcare vouchers

Those members of staff with small children are always grateful for any employer that takes notice of their children and work life balance. Childcare vouchers are something that is offered by employee benefit schemes from the likes of Perkbox and Xexec – including discounts on creches, nurseries and outings for little ones.

The vouchers are not always just handed to the staff member as they will typically need to hit certain performance targets or milestones within the company to be eligible.


Whether it is employee of the month or recognition for hard work, being awarded something in front of your peers is something that regularly motivates employees.

Some companies will have monthly awards ceremony and give prizes to the hard workers from that month. Sometimes it is commitment, dedication or closing particular deals that make them eligible for an award in the form of vouchers, small gifts or certificates.

awards for staff performance

You might even place leader boards or plaques on the wall with individuals who have served for a certain period of time or have reached different milestones within the company.

Bonus schemes

Some organisations offer profit-sharing schemes to their employees, notably Marks & Spencer. This is also popular for start-up companies who are limited in their financial rewards but can offer shares instead.

What’s more, incentivising and rewarding loyal staff with share options through an EMI Share Option Scheme can be very tax-efficient for both employers and employees.

The idea of earning more, reaching targets and receiving bonuses can be a big motivator, especially in the finance and banking industry.

Money isn’t a great incentive for all though and research has shown that younger employees are motivated by different factors. For example, Millennials are more driven by the desire to make a difference and want to work for businesses that have a social  conscience and a good reputation.

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