• small business insurance

    Which types of insurance must your business have in place?

    As with owning a car, you are legally required to take out certain insurances when running a business. If you don’t you can be fined heavily and could put your entire operation at risk. It’s…

  • sole trader insurance

    Sole trader insurance – what cover should you have in place?

    While nobody likes to think about it, things can and do go wrong when you’re in business, no matter how cautious you are. An employee could get hurt on the job. An unhappy customer could…

  • health insurance

    Private health insurance options for small business owners

    If you’re setting up your own business, you’ll no longer have to answer to an employer or put up with many of the annoyances of being a permanent employee. But, what about the ‘perks’ you…

  • ir35 insurance

    IR35 insurance – essential cover for limited company contractors

    IR35 insurance will protect your limited company in the event that an enquiry is made into your tax return, or via a PAYE compliance visit. In some cases, this could result in a Tax Tribunal.

  • pi insurance

    Professional indemnity insurance – what business owners need to know

    If you are in business, or are starting up a new venture, and are providing any type of professional service to clients, you will need to look at taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. Professional…

  • it contractor insurance

    IT contractor insurance – professional indemnity, business liability

    Contractors and consultants provide professional advice and services to clients and as such, might well be liable for any mistakes or errors they may make in the course of their duties. As a result, contractors…