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Limited Company

Setting up a limited company marks an exciting (and often daunting) milestone for any new business. The section provides step-by-step guides to walk you through the entire company formation process.

Learn the pros and cons of a limited company structure, including limited liability and tax efficiency. Understand director and secretary roles and responsibilities. Get tips on choosing a unique (and legal) name for your company.

Learn about articles of association, share allotments, director appointments, share certificates and statutory registers.

You can set up a company right now via the UK’s leading formations company, 1st Formations. Prices start from £12.99 for the digital package.

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For more in-depth guides, try Limited Company Help.

limited company cost

How much does it cost to form a limited company?

It may surprise you to find out that you can form a limited company – direct via Companies House – for a mere £12. However, you may prefer to pay an intermediary to do this on your behalf – which will increase the cost.

remove compay director

Steps to remove a limited company director

In this comprehensive article, we will explain the essential steps on how to remove a director of a company. We also explore various other critical considerations that must be taken into account throughout this process.