Can anyone become a limited company director?

All private companies must have at least one company director – but are there any legal restrictions on who can fill this position?

The UK is a good place to set up a business – the process is relatively simply, and Companies House imposes fewer restrictions on private companies than many of its counterparts in Europe and beyond. In fact, you can become a director two years before you’re legally allowed to buy a pint in a pub!

A person can be appointed to the position of limited company director as long as:

1. They have not been disqualified as a company director.
2. They are over the age of 16.
3. They cannot be bankrupt.

In rare cases, a Court may allow someone who fails 1) or 3) to act as a company director to a specific company.

All private limited companies must have at least one director, but they no longer need to appoint a company secretary unless they want to. However, you may find that this optional appointment is useful in the future as occasionally you may be required to provide two signatures from company officials on paperwork.

No specific qualifications are required for the directors or company secretaries of private limited companies.

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