Limited companies – what is a registered office?

By law, every company in the UK must have a registered office – this is a physical address in the UK where the company can receive documents from Companies House and other organisations.

The actual office need not be where the limited company actually carries on its daily business, but it must be a real location.

Some companies may use their accountant’s address as their registered office, however as is the case with many issues, it is ultimately the responsibility of the company directors to ensure that official and business-related documents can be received at the address supplied to Companies House.

You will supply your registered office address when you first set up your limited company. If you decide to change this address at any time, you must always inform Companies House of the change – via Form AD01. Prior to 1st October 2009, the old Form 287 was used for this purpose.

If changing address, you can only do so within the UK region in which you first registered the company, i.e. a company registered originally in England and Wales can only move address within this region. The same applies to companies formed in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

More Information

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