How to Make the Most of Lockdown 2.0 With Digital Marketing

digital marketing tips for business in lockdown
The second lockdown is causing uncertainty and worry for many business owners. However, lockdown 2.0, as it’s known by many, is the perfect time to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are performing well, to help you gain the results you need to get through these troubled times. So, how do you make the most out of lockdown 2.0 with digital marketing?

One of the first things to do is to begin working with a digital marketing agency who can work with you and use their knowledge and experience to manage your digital marketing campaign. In turn, they will also be able to grow your visibility and enhance your results.

Whether you want to focus on social media advertising, pay per click ads or SEO, by working with specialists, you’ll know which platform is the most lucrative for your business and they’ll help your model adapt to this new normal.

Create new content

Creating quality content that is well-optimised for your digital marketing campaign. Content must be valuable and relevant to your target audience and industry.

It needs to have your users in mind when it’s written, so you need to consider what they want to find out from your page and answer these questions in your content. Useful content can help to build your authority and build trust with your audience too.

Get reviews

You can take this time during lockdown 2.0 to gain new reviews from your customers. During lockdown people will spend more online, as they are unable to visit shops and are looking for things to keep them busy, as well as treating themselves.

Reviews are brilliant for new customers, as they can see what your products or services are like. Reviews are also a ranking factor, so it’s important that you get as many as possible.

Work on SEO

Lockdown 2.0 is also the perfect time to ensure that your site is well-optimised with target keywords to help it rank higher on Google. Ranking higher will drive more traffic to your site and enhance the chance of your conversions increasing.

Conduct keyword research to find relevant keywords for your audience and for your services or products. A well-optimised page will have the keyword in the page title, H1, H2s and throughout the content, including variants of the keyword. As previously mentioned, working with SEO specialists is highly recommended.

Optimised for mobile too

Don’t forget about optimising for mobile too, ensuring that your website is fully functional for customers that are browsing on their mobile devices.

In order to do this you shouldn’t make paragraphs too long and bulky, so split up the text to make it user friendly, make the content scrollable and use high quality images.

By working with a marketing agency, they can help you to ensure that your website has been optimised for both mobile and desktop, helping you to get more traffic and conversions.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make the most out of lockdown 2.0 with digital marketing. If you need help or have any questions, then speaking to an expert team in the industry and working with a marketing agency is the step to take.

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