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New Research Highlights Regional Late Payment Risk for Small Businesses

New analysis of data from over 3 million SMEs up and down the country has revealed the areas of the UK where late payment is at its worst. 121 areas of the UK were scored and ranked based on how quickly businesses pay their invoices, highlighting which regions are the highest and lowest risk for […]

Cost-Saving Tips for Tech Start-Ups in the North

When it comes to starting up a business, London has itself a new rival. With more and more entrepreneurial spirits being drawn to the North, cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield have developed strong technology cultures, making them popular locations for tech start-ups.

10 Considerations When Setting Up an Online Business

The UK is the third largest e-commerce market in the world and for good reason. The internet has allowed innovative small businesses to reach a much wider audience, while cutting down on overhead costs. Plenty of UK entrepreneurs and startups have capitalised on this and built a lucrative business out of selling their products online. […]

From Concept to Creation: The 10 Steps of Product Design

Devising new products and bringing them to market are vital parts of growing a business, but successful new product development rarely happens by accident. Product design is a complicated area, so we asked Chris Flynn, founder of product design consultancy Flynn Product Design to take us through the key phases of product design.

6 Lessons I’ve Learned Launching a Tech Start-Up

Anyone who decides to launch their own company is bound to experience challenges along the way, and these challenges will all be different depending on what sector you decide to tap into. For me, I knew launching a tech start-up in one of the most rapidly changing industries would be an exciting prospect. I knew […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Crowdfund in 2019 (and How to Get Started)

There’s never been a better time to start or grow a business in the UK, with more funding options and tax incentives (for companies and investors) than ever before. Crowdfunding is an option that more businesses are turning to, so if you’re looking to turn a great entrepreneurial idea into a reality, or to scale […]

When Teams Go Wrong – How to Turn Around a Failing Team

We’ve all been there. The team meeting where nothing is achieved. The group discussion where it feels like you can cut the air with a knife. The team that is actually a team in name only, where it’s everyone for themselves and only the most vocal, political or best-connected survives. So how can you get […]

A Practical Guide to Flexible Working Rights for Small Businesses

Every employee that has worked for you for more than 26 weeks has the statutory right to request flexible working.

Here’s what every small business owner needs to know about flexible working rights, and how to handle flexible working requests from staff so that you don’t end up in front of an Employment Tribunal.

Faulty or Unwanted Goods – What Are Your Customer’s Rights?

If your business involves selling goods to customers you will, inevitably, need to deal with a percentage of customers that want to exchange items, or are seeking a refund. As a small business, it’s really important to know what your legal rights and duties are when it comes to customers that have bought your goods.

How to Switch and Save on Business Energy

When it comes to business profitability, you’ll know that keeping overheads as low as you can is vital. But countless companies end up unwittingly paying more than they should for their business energy. And with energy prices on the rise, this can add up substantially, especially during winter months. But how do you know if […]

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Handling a Crisis

With each passing year, we are barraged with more and more stories of corporate scandals and wrongdoing. Recent examples include a global carmaker rigging their vehicles to cheat on emissions tests, a major bank illegally foisting accounts and credit cards on millions of customers without their knowledge or consent, and innumerable stories about sexual misconduct […]

The Importance of Roles and Responsibilities in Project Management

One of the key attributes of projects is that they are not structured in the same way as ordinary business departments. A number of people, possibly including contractors or consultants, are brought together to deliver a project. This lack of a corporate structure leads to a need for clearly defined roles in the project structure.

How to Simplify Invoicing and Get Paid Faster

For any small business, making sure invoices are paid can be a big job in itself. If they’re not managed properly, payments can be consistently late, and your relationships with clients might suffer as a result. Even more significantly, you’ll struggle to keep cash moving smoothly through your business. No cash, no business.

Emerging Technology Predictions for 2019, and What They Mean for SMEs

Predicting the future is, naturally, a difficult task. If it wasn’t, life (and business) would be a lot less interesting. However, being able to spot the winds of change when it comes to business technology is vital for companies of any size to make the right long-term strategic decisions.

How to Be a Leader Rather Than a Manager

The transition from being a manager to becoming business leader, is one that many new business owners will need to make. Often, the success or failure of your business depends on how well and how quickly you can adapt to this fundamental role change.

ByteStart Teams Up with Make It Cheaper to Bring You Better Energy Deals

ByteStart is delighted to announce the launch of a new service to help businesses cut their energy costs. Created in conjunction with the UK’s leading business energy price comparison service, Make It Cheaper, the partnership gives you access to brilliant value business energy, broadband and phone deals.

5 Ways to Unlock Finance for Your Start-Up Business

Everybody understands that starting up a business from scratch is not a simple process or an easy challenge to take on. Regardless of how lofty your ambitions are or whether you’re aiming to establish yourself as a sole trader or as a the boss of a burgeoning new enterprise, finding access to initial and early-stage […]

10 Common Self-Assessment Tax Return Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you need to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR) it’s imperative you get it in on time and free of any mistakes. There are penalties for not submitting your tax return on time and you may have to pay a fine if HMRC deem you have not taken enough care in completing it. This […]

Can You Dismiss an Employee if They Lied on their CV?

It is common for individuals to exaggerate or embellish certain aspects of their CV when applying for a role, however employers can be faced with a serious problem if it turns out the person they hired does not have the experience or qualifications needed to carry out the job at hand. So what can you […]

Becoming an Employer – Your Responsibilities When You Hire Staff

No matter how successful your business has been with just you working in it, if you want to grow you’ll need to employ people. There are innumerable benefits of having employees. The right people will ease the workload on you and allow you take holidays. Good staff keep your business running day to day, so […]

How Companies Can Motivate Staff in 2019

Human resources as a role within organisations has grown significantly in the last 20 years, and today, employers need to find ways to motivate their staff and keep them satisfied at work. Not only are happier staff likely to be more productive, but they are a less likely to leave and companies will save money […]

How NOT to Network – 7 Business Networking Mistakes to Avoid

When you start your own business, one of the first things you need to do is to start promoting it and finding customers? Depending on the type of business you are in, one age-old and sure-fire way to build relationships is through networking. However, if you are to enjoy the full rewards of networking you […]

How Mediation Can Help Your Business Avoid Going to Court

If you run a business it’s inevitable that disputes will arise. Whether it’s problems with suppliers failing to meet their obligations, employee issues or non-payment by customers, when a dispute arises it can be difficult knowing how best to resolve the problem with the minimum of disruption, time and expense. Taking the matter to court […]

On to a Winner? How to Tell if Your Product Idea is Really a Good One

So, you have a great product idea, it’s exciting, you see the value and believe it could change your company’s future or launch your next new business. This idea may be a brand new product solving a problem, or a better way to address a market need than the competitors out there today. Knowing that […]

6 Ways to Maintain IT Security for Your New Business

Starting a new business is a mixture of fun, fear and challenge. For many new business owners, the technology side of things can be particularly fearful. With so many things to think about, how do you know what you do and don’t need to be able to make a success of your new business, and […]

How to Prevent Hacking on Your Website

The role of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in 2019, with studies showing that the average data breach in the UK can cost companies around £2.7 million and up to 163 days to correct. Whether it is phishing or external hacks, the exposure of key data can be hugely costly to an organisation and some […]