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5 Tips to Help Boost Your Business with a Great Taste Award

Within the food and beverage industry, the Great Taste Awards are highly-respected and often considered the gold standard of speciality food and drink accreditation. Securing such a prize can catapult your product into the limelight, so we asked Kim Havelaar, Founder of Roqberry to share her know-how and advice on how to win a Great […]

Leading a Team Through Rapid Growth

Transforming a start-up business into a scale-up is an incredibly challenging task, which can be difficult to plan and prepare for. Although there is a lot to consider, moving from start-up through to the stages of rapid growth is practically impossible for any entrepreneur without having the right team or talent in place.

How ‘Digital UX’ Rules Can Help You Write a Better Speech

Over the last decade, organisations and business both big and small have been steadily investing more and more in their digital user experience (digital UX). Interestingly, the digital UX rules businesses are employing online can be applied to help you write great speeches, talks and presentations.

How Small E-Commerce Businesses Can Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday 2019 is coming up, and consumers are getting ready for a frenzy of online deals. Last year, there were 194 million site visits on Black Friday alone, with over 1.2 billion visits across the whole of Cyber Week for the top 10 retailers. Clearly, this is an event that retailers should be taking […]

7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Website More Accessible

It has long been an expectation for businesses to make physical spaces accessible for people of all abilities, and improvements have been made. Now the onus is on online retailers, where there is still a lot of work to be done, so we asked Hilary Stephenson, MD at user experience (UX) design agency, Sigma to […]

Banks & Lenders – A Guide To Small Business Financing

Whether you’re just getting started with your new business, you’ve got a seasonal company that sees a yearly slump or you’re looking to invest in a must-have asset, getting the finance you need can seem like a daunting and almost impossible task.

Undertaking Due Diligence When Recruiting Senior Employees

Recruiting the right person is a challenge for any business. For startups and SMEs without an in-house HR team or even a single HR specialist, it can be especially daunting. Hiring executive talent brings extra complexities and takes valuable time. But be warned, failure to do your homework on candidates for senior positions can be […]

8 Reasons to Consider Implementing a Remote Working Policy in Your Business

From flexible hours to an easier commute, working from home seems like an ideal option for many employees and it can have a lot of benefits for business owners too. In this article, Peter Watton of matched betting start-up OddsMonkey, offers his advice to businesses who might be considering offering a working from home policy.

10 Ways to Maximise Your Productivity When Running Your Own Business

Successful business owners know how to make the most of every minute of every day. Wasted time costs money and clients, but when you’re slowed down by administrative tasks, an over-flowing inbox and endless meetings it can be hard to keep up, so here are ten ways to maximise your productivity every day:

15 Performance Review Tips to Boost Productivity in Your Team

Regularly reviewing employee performance is vital for businesses, as it provides both employer and employee with important information about the employee’s progress, needs and skills. It can also help improve employee productivity – but only if it’s done in the right way.

Due Diligence – A Jargon Free Guide on What It Is & How To Do It Properly

Due diligence is a term bandied around quite a lot. However, not many people understand what it means or what is involved. If you ever consider buying, selling, or investing in a business, then you’ll need to know precisely what due diligence means, what the process is, and how to conduct due diligence properly.

Guide to Employment Contracts for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, your legal responsibilities when taking on staff can be somewhat daunting but with a little help you can soon get your head around what’s needed. One of your first duties as a new employer is to ensure you comply with employment contract law. To help you understand your legal obligations, […]

5 Mistakes New Businesses Make with their Cash Flow

According to the Office for National Statistics 357,000 businesses closed their doors in the UK in 2017. Some of those businesses were less than a year old. There aren’t any statistics that reveal the precise reasons why these businesses failed, but often the answer is as simple as cash flow.

How Equity Crowdfunding can Help Small Businesses

Equity crowdfunding has become entrenched as as a serious way to fund small and medium-sized UK businesses. Rather than go to friends and family, asking for a bank loan, or pitching to angels or VC, business owners can instead access finance directly from members of their “crowd”.

Data Back-Up Solutions for Your Start-Up

As a start-up, every piece of data; whether it’s information about a new customer, a networking contact, your sales brochure or invoicing data, is hard won and valuable. As your business matures much of this can be re-purposed and re-used to save time, and cut costs – but only if you’ve kept it safe. So, […]

Which Cities Have the Savviest Business Owners?

Savvy business owners are always looking to keep their costs down by ensuring they get the best deal possible. Savings made on everything from stationery to electricity can add up over the year and allow spare cash to be invested in areas that can really make a difference to the business. But where in the […]

A Guide to Bookkeeping for New Business Owners

If you’re starting a new business, then the bookkeeping requirements are unlikely to be at the forefront of your mind. At this stage there are more pressing things for you to think about. However, once your business is taking shape, you will need to start thinking about keeping up-to-date and accurate accounting details of your […]

Capital on Tap Lends £1Billion to Small Businesses

Fintech company Capital on Tap is celebrating the major milestone of lending over 1 Billion pounds to small and medium sized businesses across the UK. Since its creation, less than 7 years ago, Capital on Tap has helped more than 65,000 small business owners fund their business ambitions.

7 Types of Sales Enablement Content You Should be Creating

Content is at the heart of every modern marketer’s toolkit. But aligning this material with sales departments is a common problem many organisations face. Your marketing team might be well-armed with blog posts, case studies and whitepapers to generate leads and brand awareness, but you need a well-equipped and driven sales team to nurture leads […]

How a Small Business Can Get Products Stocked in Supermarkets

For entrepreneurs with new food or beverage products, getting listed by a supermarket can feel like a watershed moment for your brand. Your brand awareness is likely to skyrocket with sales following. You also get positive brand association by being seen in a major supermarket, which can help secure more stockists.