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contract novation

Contract novation – what businesses need to know

  • Legal

As a business owner, you’ll likely be comfortable and confident concerning commercial contracts. The ability to negotiate, agree and adhere to the terms of an agreement will be fundamental to your business’s continued growth and success.

limited company cost

How much does it cost to form a limited company?

It may surprise you to find out that you can form a limited company – direct via Companies House – for a mere £12. However, you may prefer to pay an intermediary to do this on your behalf – which will increase the cost.

remove compay director

Steps to remove a limited company director

In this comprehensive article, we will explain the essential steps on how to remove a director of a company. We also explore various other critical considerations that must be taken into account throughout this process.

Buying a business – the pros and cons

An alternative to starting a business from scratch is to buy one! You will be buying an operation with products, customers and staff already in place. But at the same time, you will have full freedom to make whatever changes you want to as the new owner.

Here are Bytestart’s pros and cons of buying a business.