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Which businesses do well during downturns?

Despite the damaging effects of the economic downturn, there are plenty of examples of businesses who are surviving and even thriving. So what kind of business can see turnover go up in a downturn?

21 ways to be positive in your business

If you’re anything like us, you experience the emotional highs and lows of running your own business. They don’t call it a roller-coaster journey for nothing! And aren’t the highs really high, just as the lows are as low as they get?

Top Tips to protect your business during an economic downturn

Some experts believe that the UK economy is already nearing a recession, whereas others believe the “credit crunch” has been overblown by the media. Either way, many small business people have already started to look at how they can survive a downturn. Here are some tips from the Bytestart team.

5 things your business can outsource

When you hear someone talking about outsourcing, you probably immediately think about those annoying foreign call centres used by big companies. They may be cheap but wow they can be frustrating and time consuming.

How to hire employees when you don’t have any cash

The easiest and most risk free way to start a business is to base it at home and do all the work yourself. Many successful firms started that way and grew organically; funding growth from increased sales rather than by borrowing cash. But for some businesses starting up it’s virtually impossible to get going or […]

Top tips on how to work with a business partner

There are so many different skills that have to be mastered when you start and run a business, that it can be quite overwhelming. This article looks at the benefits and issues you may need to be aware of when working with a business partner.

Guide to working from a garden office

More than 60 per cent of the UK’s new businesses are now started from home. It’s a very sensible way to get going. You remove a lot of the financial risks by operating from premises you are already paying for. And it’s a lot easier to make the right decisions early in the life of […]

How to create a successful eBay business

There are few businesses where you can just wake up one morning, decide you want to sell something and be in business an hour later. Yet that’s exactly what you can do with global internet auction phenomenon eBay. As anyone who has ever sold a DVD they didn’t want any more knows, eBay is quick, […]

Bootstrap marketing for beginners – Part two

Our look at bootstrap marketing for beginners continues with another ten top ideas of how you needn’t drive your finances into the red, purely for the sake of a full-page ad in a national newspaper or a ten-second TV commercial.

Get your home office right first time

The wonderful thing about starting your business in the 21st century is how inexpensive it is to get the ball rolling. The internet has made marketing cheaper and more efficient than ever before, and technology has freed businesses from the need to have lots of staff.

Ten Tips to help maximize your return when selling your business

Over 500,000 entrepreneurs start a business every year, investing time and money to build their business to a successful level. Yet, when it comes to planning an exit strategy, independent business finance company, Bibby Financial Services, believes many owners aren’t making the necessary provisions to ensure a successful, profitable sale.

Top tips for selling a business

A leading law firm is warning entrepreneurs looking to sell their business not to underestimate how treacherous the process can be. Mace & Jones corporate lawyer Ian Hodgkinson highlights some of the common pitfalls the unwary can fall into.

Top tips for companies planning an acquisition

Acquiring another company is one of the most common and effective ways to grow a business – but first-time buyers will need a helping hand. Here are ten questions you must ask yourself during the acquisition process, kindly provided by PKF accountants and business advisers.

Choosing the best business bank deposit account

One of the first actions of many small businesses is to open a business current account. It’s absolutely essential you have one so your business can make and receive payments. However, many businesses don’t bother opening a business deposit account.

Online business banking – Making the most of online tools

Virtually every business bank account now comes with a set of handy online tools, which you can use to run your business more efficiently. So are you going online just to check your balance, or are you making the most of every tool available to you?

Keep an eye on your business bank account charges

When you’re running a small business you need to make every penny count, especially during an economic downturn. So the last thing you want to do is to pay over the odds for bank charges and fees on your business bank account. Here are some of the simplest steps you can take to reduce the […]

How to keep your business banking charges low

One of the most frustrating things you will come up against as a small business owner are bank charges. Unlike personal banking, where we are used to paying only to have an overdraft, most business bank accounts have to be paid for. And the charges seem to keep coming whether you’re doing well or badly. […]

What are limited company dividends?

The post-tax profits of a limited company can be distributed to its shareholders in the form of dividends. This short article explains how dividends are administered, and how dividends are taxed.

Things to consider when choosing a business name

When starting up a new business, one of the first things you need to do is choose a suitable name for your enterprise. It is worth spending time considering the name, since not only will this be the first thing potential customers see, but it will also be with you for the duration of your […]

What is Companies House?

When setting up and running a company, you will have regular involvement with Companies House. In this article, we look at the main functions of Companies House and what obligations limited companies have.