Get people queuing up to do business with you by creating a ‘Campaign Driven Enterprise’

There are restaurants that have people queuing up to dine, products that you have to pre-order months before they are released, tickets that sell out within hours and shares that shoot up in value right after they float.

There are cars that are snapped up before they are constructed and apartments that are sold before the first brick has been laid.

But, why are a select group of people and products in such high demand? And more importantly, how can you recreate a similar desire for your business?

Oversubscribed - how to get people queuing up to do business with youIn any given industry some companies struggle to get enough customers while others have more than they can handle. In any given market, some companies chase for clients while others select whom they want to work with and turn away the rest.

What sets these two groups apart? It’s the way they see themselves in the world – whether they’re running a “business” (which actually sounds a lot like busy-ness) or a “campaign driven enterprise.”

So what is a “campaign driven enterprise” and how can you use the technique to get people to queue up to buy from your business?

What is a Campaign Driven Enterprise?

A Campaign Driven Enterprise is the identity businesses need to adopt in order to become oversubscribed. It’s a strategic mindset that focuses on running powerful campaigns and turns a business into a series of critical moments and important events. It’s how great companies like Nike, Apple and Virgin all started (and continue to thrive). It’s also how I was able to launch a business at 22 years of age and make over one million dollars in the first year.

Moreover, these skills and strategies are key for scaling a business. Every entrepreneur, leader or marketing manager must learn how to encourage 10, 20 or even hundreds of people at one time to engage with their business.

Admittedly it does feel safer to do things in a linear way, or one at a time. You go and meet a potential client, you sell something to them, you deliver it, you go and meet another potential client; this seems natural and logical.

Most small businesses are set up this way but it’s unsustainable and causes people to grow bored or burn out. It doesn’t work for the business owner (who exhausts themselves fast and can’t scale) and it doesn’t work for the clients (who don’t get the energy they deserve).

A Campaign Driven Enterprise thinks differently, they look to cluster activities up into larger chunks. They go and get a hundred potential clients, choose the 20 they want to work with, deliver their expertise to those 20 and then they go and get a hundred more.

Regardless of whether you’re an architect, artist, inventor, software developer, public speaker of high-end corporate consultant, the fundamental principles that make a Campaign Driven Enterprise successful are applicable across all levels and industries.

I challenge you to let go of the linear world where things happen in order, one-at-a-time and to embrace a little bit more chaos where things move in waves.

Turning your business into a ‘Campaign Driven Enterprise’

The ideas for a Campaign Driven Enterprise are easy to get excited about; however, it’s their implementation that trips people up. You will need to stick to a plan and do the work to execute each step with all the focus, commitment and excellence of a professional athlete.

Here is a framework for implementing your ideas in a logical sequence to help your business become oversubscribed and have people queuing up to do business with you:

PHASE 1: Planning

You must know your “capacity” and who it’s for – that is, know the point where you’ll actually be oversubscribed and who will see the most value in that capacity. Design your campaigns and set a 12-month rolling campaign schedule.

PHASE 2: Build up to becoming oversubscribed

The build-up includes signalling, which is about telling people what’s going to happen before it happens. It’s about explaining your process and your terms in advance so that the market can prepare itself. Remember, don’t ask for the sale, ask for the signal.

Transparency can also be used as a tool whereby you let people see how many other people are indicating their interest to do business with you.

PHASE 3: Release

Release your product capacity when you are oversubscribed. You become oversubscribed when more people want your product than you can deliver it to. In short, when you have more buyers than sellers.

The purpose of being oversubscribed is that you can be selective about who you will work with or sell your product to. Being selective creates a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy.

PHASE 4: Remarkable delivery

People talk. Prior to social media, a dissatisfied customer told an average of eleven people. Today a dissatisfied customer will tell a thousand friends on Facebook, several hundred twitter followers and their negative review of your business could haunt you for years.

Don’t just think about one aspect of your business; the whole lot has to be positively remarkable if you’re going to stay oversubscribed long term.

PHASE 5: Celebrate and innovate

Tell your stories, share the numbers, issue reports, capture the magic moments and spread the word about your campaign’s achievements. Learn the lessons, make changes and refine the process before repeating it.

Celebration and innovations are about publicly sharing the success of your campaigns, rewarding the people who made it all possible and looking for ways to make it better next time.

Is this the only method to become oversubscribed?

No. There are many ways to get a successful result. There are plenty of people who’ve done it with luck. There are products that are genuinely so timely they sell off the shelves, ideas that tap into the zeitgeist, trends that spring up unpredictably or resources that come along through pure good fortune.

This method however, is one that works for most people most of the time and allows you to evaluate where to focus your attention. It doesn’t require you to be unimaginably talented or lucky but it does help you improve and challenges you to be your best.

The most powerful way to become oversubscribed is to be remarkable in everything you do. Invest thousands of hours in becoming the most visible, valuable and noteworthy raw talent in your industry. If you’re at that level, you’ll always be oversubscribed.

About the author

This guide has been written for ByteStart by Daniel Priestley an international keynote speaker, bestselling author and founder of Entrevo. His latest book, Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lining Up to do Business with You is published by Capstone.

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