4 Reasons Why a Single Provider for Voice & Data is Better for Businesses

reasons why a single telecoms provider is best

There’s no denying telecommunications play an important role for businesses. Your telecoms facilitate interaction between you and your customers, as well as keeping your employees connected. So, when it comes to your telephone infrastructure, you want to make sure it’s strong and stress-free.

When building a communications infrastructure, a question many small business owners are faced with is whether to have different lines for voice and data, or to have one provider and one bill? Here are some of the reasons why having a single telecoms provider is the better option.

Less bills, lower costs

Cost is a major benefit to integrating your lines for voice and data to one provider, particularly for small businesses. According to Ofcom, 83% of small and medium sized enterprises agree they wouldn’t be able to achieve their goals with telephone and broadband systems.

But just because telephone and broadband systems are important to your business, doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on them. Using one provider for your voice and data means you receive one bill at a better rate, saving your business money.

Make your business more efficient

Having different lines for voice and data can be inefficient for businesses, particularly SMEs. If you’re business doesn’t make phone calls all the time, then having separate lines would most likely unnecessary.

Not only is having different lines inefficient, but it can also be costly to maintain – something small businesses want to avoid. By having one provider for your calls, your business can run more efficiently because you won’t be paying for two separate bills.

Greater flexibility

Of course, as small businesses grow, the ability to scale up or down quickly is necessary. Moving to new business premises, for example, means your voice and data lines need to be flexible so you can continue to operate. Therefore, it’s important your telecommunications infrastructure is not only flexible, but scalable, so that you can easily handle change.

Integrating your voice and data lines into one also means your business can quickly adapt to any changes in the market. This means you won’t lose out and there will be little disruption to your business activities. What’s more, greater flexibility can lead to greater productivity as well as improve your business and its image.

The simpler the better

Of course, one of the major benefits with using one provider for your voice and data lines is simplicity. For example, if you have two different voice and data providers and something goes wrong, you might find yourself caught in the middle between your providers.

However, by having one bill with one provider, any problems that arise can easily be solved. For example, with cloud telephony by Gamma, they provide an end-to-end solution for your voice and data lines. So, whether you encounter any problems or you just need to ask a question, having one provider will save you a lot of time and hassle – meaning you can get straight back to business.

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