• joint venture

    How do joint ventures work? Legal considerations

    A joint venture is an arrangement between two or more companies that wish to work together to achieve a specific goal.

  • online business tools

    Tools for small businesses that you need in your (work)life

    Small business owners can often get caught up doing anything but the work actually related to the nature of their business. Here we list some tools that can help reduce the amount of time spent doing ‘admin’.

  • inflation business

    How to protect your business against rising inflation

    A leading accountancy firm offers advice to small business owners on how to mitigate against rising inflation and energy costs.

  • contractor accountants

    Top 10 tips for choosing a contractor accountant

    If you do a quick Google search for the term “contractor accountant”, you may be surprised to see just how many companies claim to be specialists in this sector. With so many companies to choose from, how do you know which ones will provide you with the best service?

  • how having empathy helps grow your business

    How improving empathy can help grow your small business

    As business leaders, it’s easy to get consumed in the pressures of running your business. It’s stressful, but there is a consequence to that stress, and it can be damaging for business, as well as…

  • Practical tips on using data science, AI machine learning in business

    How to apply data science practically in your business

    Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning – all 21st Century “buzzwords” which you now see referenced often in news articles, at virtual conferences, on company social media posts and blogs. But what do they really…

  • The different ways you can hire staff for your small business

    If you’re considering taking on a new member of staff, that’s usually a positive sign that your business is growing. The next decision you face is whether or not to take on a full-time employee.…

  • IP guide for small businesses – trademarks, patents, copyright and design rights

    As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “Intellectual Property”, or IP as it’s commonly referred to. But studies show that despite knowing what Intellectual Property is, many small businesses assume that…

  • employee work life balance

    How work-life balance has changed & what employers need to do

    It is important for employees to have a work-life balance. Work-life balance is basically how much time employees spend working and how much they spend with family or doing things that they enjoy. At times…