• Legal implications of copyright infringement

    Copyright infringement can be defined in numerous ways, some of which include piracy, theft and freebooting. Legally, the term is used when an individual uses any works protected by copyright law, without permission, which then…

  • data protection small business

    Guide to Data Protection for small businesses and start-ups

    Data protection is now a more onerous regime for small businesses, and this will only increase when the EU General Data Protection Regulation is implemented.

  • eCommerce Regulations

    A small business guide to e-commerce regulations

    If you are selling any products or services online, you need to comply with e-commerce regulations. But what exactly must your business do to comply with these regulations? We asked Adrien Herbert of Lawbite to…

  • Statutory & contractual notice periods – advice for small businesses

    Once a contract of employment is in place, notice has to be given by either party to the contract to end it. There are two types of notice periods; statutory notice and contractual notice.

  • What are the compulsory fire safety regulations for UK businesses?

    It is vitally important for business owners and managers to understand their duty to comply with UK fire safety regulations, as the consequences are potentially very serious.

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    5 things to consider when choosing a pension scheme for your business

    For many small employers, providing a workplace pension, because of Automatic Enrolment, will be brand new territory. With a wide range of providers to choose from, where do you begin? How do you narrow it…