• How to set up a small network without buying a server

    If there is more than one person in your business, there are massive advantages to networking your computers together. But getting a proper business server installed and maintained can mean a bill of a few…

  • contractor professional indemnity

    PI insurance cover for IT contractors and consultants

    In simple terms, professional indemnity insurance will cover you in the event that a client makes a claim against you for work you have done for them.

  • Employers’ guide to employee holiday and leave entitlement

    The Summer holidays are fast approaching and if you are an employer, you may soon be inundated with holiday forms from your workforce, as staff begin to prepare for their holidays. Although a lot of…

  • Top PR and marketing tips for small businesses

    Marketing and PR can be difficult propositions for small businesses, where funds are often tight and need to be stretched as much as possible. However, by following a basic process, you can maximise the effectiveness…

  • electronic commerce regulations

    E-Commerce Regulations for small businesses

    Peijun Xia, Solicitor of Sykes Anderson LLP’s Company Commercial Department discusses some of the basic legal requirements of the E-Commerce Regulations that businesses selling and advertising on line must be aware of and complied with

  • branding

    What is a brand identity?

    Before fully explaining what a brand identity is and what really makes brands work , let’s look at  the definition of a brand used by the American Marketing Association:

  • share sale dispute

    How to deal with share sale disputes

    Ben Hopps solicitor in Sykes Anderson LLP’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department discusses problems that can arise when buying the shares in a company from a buyers’ perspective.