Which Cities Have the Savviest Business Owners?

Cities with savviest business owners

Savvy business owners are always looking to keep their costs down by ensuring they get the best deal possible. Savings made on everything from stationery to electricity can add up over the year and allow spare cash to be invested in areas that can really make a difference to the business.

But where in the UK are the savviest business owners?

BusinessComparison, a leading comparison website, set out to locate the canniest businesses in the UK. They receive thousands of enquiries each week from savvy business owners looking to get a better deal on their business energy and other business-related costs, and by combining this data with other ranking factors, have found the UK cities with the savviest businesses.

Which city ranked top?

Manchester and Leeds tied top when it came to the savviest business owners, putting northerners in the lead when it comes to counting the pennies.

Manchester performed well in all categories – coming first for energy searches per capita (2.38%), middle of the pack for average business rent prices (average £350 per month), and in the top three in terms of good internet speed (speed score of 26.44mbps).

Similarly, Leeds performed well in all categories – coming third for energy searches per capita (1.89%), middle of the pack for average business rent prices (average £325 per month), and second in terms of good internet speed (speed score of 26.93mbps) – allowing the Yorkshire city to tie in first place with Manchester.

Even more good news for the North

Overall, Birmingham came in third place on the list, followed by Glasgow and Sheffield to make up the top five.

England’s capital only came in at number seven, coming in just behind Liverpool which took sixth place – this may come as a surprise to many, who would likely assume Londoners to be the most tech fluent and likeliest to seek out the best deals.

Why are Northerners the savviest?

We spoke to SMEs in Lancashire to ask whether they were surprised by the results of the research.

Speaking to Lindsay Campbell, Director of Campbell & Rowley, a leading events management company with clients such as Blackpool Football Club and Cartmel Racecourse, he told us:

“Wanting to get value for money is a very northern trait, but I think it also comes from historic situations such as recessions of the past where the north has been impacted much harder than other places.

“With Brexit on the horizon and unpredictable politics, it doesn’t surprise me at all that business owners up north are keeping an eye on their costs much more closely than their peers down south”.

Speaking on the findings, Philip Brennan, Managing Director of BusinessComparison added; “Running a business can be costly, and business owners often find that operating costs and overheads creep upwards and pinch on cashflow. However, by being savvy and making the most of the opportunities around you, businesses can thrive in their field.

“As a necessity in order to operate your business daily, energy consumption is generally one of the highest overheads. Renegotiating your energy tariff or considering switching energy can help businesses saving some extra pennies.

“Here at BusinessComparison, we search for the best deals from suppliers of gas and electricity to help you make savings by switching today. To check you are getting the best deal, savvy business owners can compare business energy prices by visiting https://www.businesscomparison.com/business-energy”.

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