How to Help Your Team Beat the January Blues

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The widespread optimism surrounding the start of the New Year has swiftly subsided. Is it any surprise, when the headlines are dominated by rising death tolls, tougher restrictions and ever-growing Government debt? ‘Normal’ life feels more out of reach than ever, and 2021 looks set to be just as disruptive and unpredictable as 2020. (more…)

How Work-Life Balance Has Changed & What Employers Need To Do

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It is important for employees to have a work-life balance. Work-life balance is basically how much time employees spend working and how much they spend with family or doing things that they enjoy.

At times it is hard for employees to get the right work life balance, however having a good work life balance is vital. It improves their health and wellbeing, helps keep their stress levels to a minimum, and also helps prevent burnout. (more…)

How to Make the Most of Virtual Meetings

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Working from home became the default situation for the majority of people from early 2020, and it hasn’t been an easy transition. The advantages of cutting down on the commute and spending more time with family are often offset by the strains of ad-hoc home office setups, ‘zoom fatigue,’ and social isolation. (more…)

4 Success Tips for Leading a Creative Team

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A manager’s main role is to ensure that everyone else in their team is capable of doing their job to the best of their ability. Whether that be giving them the tools and equipment they need or cultivating the work environment that will allow creatives to thrive. (more…)

How Business Owners Can Successfully Navigate Uncertain Times with an Effective Employee Engagement Strategy

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From full national lockdown and the gradual easing of constraints, to a three-tiered regional system of restrictions and then back into another national lockdown. It’s been a long and arduous time for everyone since Covid-19 first reached our shores earlier this year, and even more so for the many hardworking business owners up and down the country trying to keep disconnected workforces operating smoothly. (more…)

How to Support Home Workers in the COVID Era

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With COVID cases again on the rise and the world bracing itself for months more of strict social distancing measures, for many, the remote working environment is here to stay. While the first priority during the pandemic has been crisis response and emphasising the importance of health and safety, over time, naturally attentions have turned to work and education. (more…)

Do You Know Where You’re Growing Next And Why?

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Leading during a global pandemic is like learning to ride a bike again.  You may already know how to ride a bike or how to lead your organisation, but do you know how to ride a bike – how to keep yourself and your organisation upright and moving forward – when the ground around you is constantly shaking? (more…)

Focusing on Your Mental Health, Whilst Focusing on Your Work

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The various devastating events of the past year have taken a significant toll on the mental health of countless people across the nation. For many, this has been made worse by the necessity to work remotely.

Where some have thrived whilst working from home, many others have found that this isolation has had a detrimental effect on their mental health and, subsequently, their output. (more…)

How to Boost Your Employees’ Mental Wellbeing

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As this period of Covid-19 continues with no obvious end in sight small businesses and startups have a lot to contend with. Many businesses are operating in a hybrid mode with some staff back in the workplace while others remain working from home. We are all having to deal with ongoing uncertainly and it’s important to consider how this is affecting your employees. (more…)

Balancing the Positives & Negatives of Stress at Work

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Stress is an inevitable part of everyday life and our bodies are hard-wired to respond to it. However, it’s clear stress is taking a negative toll on businesses across the country.

Poor mental health costs employers between £1,205 and £1,560 per employee every year. This cost is for all employees, not just those who are ill, so we asked Brendan Street of Nuffield Health to show how employers can cut the cost of stress. (more…)

Top Tips to Eliminate Small Business Stress

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Starting a business of your own can prove to be a very rewarding experience from a long-term point of view. Still, even the most successful ventures suffered from “growing pains” during their initial stages. These stressful situations can take a toll upon the mindset of any business owner or freelancer. (more…)

Be a Great Place to Work – 5 Ways to Support Staff Wellbeing

Employees need to know that leaders and managers at all levels believe the wellbeing of staff really does matter; that they are committed to providing the resources and doing whatever is necessary to make their workplace a good place to work.

Here are five ways to help ensure that happens: (more…)

How to Keep Morale Up at Your Small Business

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Many of us are feeling much more anxious than usual as lockdown continues to disrupt our lives and our businesses.

Anxiety can make it hard for us to concentrate, be creative, and adversely affect our ability to adapt to the changing business conditions, to make the most of any opportunities, and to plan creatively for the future. (more…)

Leadership and Trust During Covid-19

leading business in crisis

The current COVID-19 pandemic is presenting business leaders with some very difficult decisions.

At times like these, there is an even greater spotlight on the actions and behaviours of those leading businesses. Here, we look at the key issues leaders need to keep in mind to avoid damaging their reputation and losing trust. (more…)

Managing Remote Teams During the COVID-19 Pandemic

remote working tips

Are you worried about managing your business’ remote teams during the current coronavirus pandemic?

John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices, shares his advice on how to overcome the challenges of managing a remote team, and highlights the main pros and cons of remote working in the long-term… (more…)

7 Staff Engagement Tips for Start-Ups & SMEs

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Small businesses and start-ups often provide a more flexible approach to work. That might be working from home a couple of days a week, working remotely, flexitime on core hours, flexibility for parenting duties and perhaps a more relaxed working environment. (more…)

5 Tips for Better Conference Calls

better conference calls

Office technology has developed rapidly in recent years resulting in new ways of working and doing business.

A growing number of companies rely on remote workers who operate outside the traditional office space and many UK-based businesses draw a significant percentage of their customer base from abroad. (more…)

Leading a Team Through Rapid Growth

leading people through rapid business growth

Transforming a start-up business into a scale-up is an incredibly challenging task, which can be difficult to plan and prepare for.

Although there is a lot to consider, moving from start-up through to the stages of rapid growth is practically impossible for any entrepreneur without having the right team or talent in place. (more…)

Undertaking Due Diligence When Recruiting Senior Employees

due diligence for senior recruit board member

Recruiting the right person is a challenge for any business. For startups and SMEs without an in-house HR team or even a single HR specialist, it can be especially daunting.

Hiring executive talent brings extra complexities and takes valuable time. But be warned, failure to do your homework on candidates for senior positions can be a risky business. (more…)

5 Tips for Building Morale In Teams

tips to build team morale

Building morale in teams is a key part of making them function better, with more motivation and with greater efficiency.

Of course, low morale is something that can impact negatively on both individual managers as well as team members, so it is something that needs to be addressed right across the board of a business structure.  (more…)

How to Empower Your Staff Through Feedback

empower staff with feedback

Feedback is critical in every arena of life. For good or ill, it can permanently alter our self-perception, businesses and relationships.

Failing to take on board good feedback can lose companies customers, investors and revenue, whilst a preoccupation with negative feedback can do just as much damage. (more…)

How to Manage Staff Holidays

managing employee annual leave

All workers are entitled to receive a minimum of 5.6 weeks’ paid annual leave. Whilst this is a benefit for staff, employers can find themselves struggling to manage staff holidays around their business needs.

To help make sure your business runs smoothly, here is an overview of how to successfully manage staff holidays. (more…)

Why Real Leaders Don’t Need a Corner Office

real leaders don't need corner office

For some people, power (and therefore impact) sits in symbols of power such as a corner office, a nice company car or an executive assistant.

Symbols can, at times, play an impactful role but real and lasting impact is so much bigger than that. It’s how you conduct yourself, your actions and behaviours, that will speak the loudest. And if you do that effectively, you definitely don’t need to have the biggest office to have an impact. (more…)

Is Hugging at Work Considered Sexual Harassment?

is cuddling at work sexual harrassment

When fashion chain, Ted Baker, hit the news last year among stories of ‘forced hugging’, it’s likely that many businesses across the country began to look at how practices in their own organisation’s culture may be received by its staff.

And the key question many business owners will be asking is, can hugging at work constitute sexual harassment? (more…)

Are Your Employees Coasting at Work?

coasting employee

Whilst most employers will be well versed in dealing with under-performing staff, the situation can be trickier when faced with those who appear to be coasting at work.

Given the increasing demands placed on business owners it can be easy to overlook staff who are doing just enough to get by, however failing to recognise and address this can come at a significant cost to a business. (more…)