How to choose a Content Management System (CMS) for your website

If you’re running your own business website and need to update the contents on a regular basis, chances are you would benefit from having a CMS (content management system).In the “good old days”, site owners would need to manually update HTML code, or use MS Frontpage / Dreamweaver to update their site content, but technology has moved on a great deal since then.

Home broadband v business broadband

Most of us have used a broadband connection in one environment or the other – whether at home, at work or at school, the internet is now an important tool for people of all ages.

Mac vs. PC – which is best for small businesses?

Information technology is always a significant financial investment for a small business or start up – getting the right system in place has a massive impact on efficiency, productivity and the day to day running of a company. However, it can be difficult to get impartial advice on the system that is right for a specific business. For those without much IT experience or know how, the assortment of choice on the market can be bewildering. One of most fiercely debated arguments revolves around the respective merits of a PC versus an Apple product for business use.

How to Make Web Conferencing Work

Many businesses work on long-distance collaboration, and up until recently that meant lots of conference calls for some people.

Now, however, the world is moving at a totally new pace, as internet technologies develop and broadband speeds increase.