Start Up Tips

Creating a New Post-Pandemic Work-Life Balance

work life balance covid 19

Striking the right balance between work and play is an issue that most business owners have always had to wrestle with.

And now the coronavirus pandemic means business owners and leaders are re-evaluating their work-life balance further, so we asked Sid Madge, author of ‘Meee in a Work Minute’ to share his experience on how to strike a fulfilling balance. (more…)

How to Start an Arcade Business

arcade game

The coronavirus pandemic led to many UK businesses in the entertainment industry closing their doors. Only in the last few weeks have some started to re-open under strict social distancing guidelines (meaning significantly reduced capacity and revenue). (more…)

How to Close a Presentation or Speech

how to close a presentation

Have you ever ended a presentation and wondered if your audience got the point or was convinced to invest in your venture? If you have, chances are you did not properly prepare your closing.

Here, Vinette Hoffman-Jackson of Toastmasters International explains how to close your speech, pitch or presentation successfully. (more…)

Banish Zoom Fatigue and Teams Tedium

tips for better inline communications - Zoom Teams

As small business owners, the switch to virtual communications means we’re spending big chunks of every week in online meetings, joining webinars as well as dealing with social media.

We asked Lyn Roseaman to share her advice and tips on how you can get the most from communicating online. (more…)

Clever Tips to Ensure Your Small Business Stays Profitable

tips to boost business profits

Your business is your lifeblood – you have poured your passion and determination into it to make it a success. You’ve spent countless late nights and weekends to create a business you are proud of, but how can you ensure your small business remains profitable as you grow? (more…)

Five Steps To Turning On Innovation

ways to innovate in your business

In two years, what decisions will you have wish you had made today?

It’s a question that leaders should continually ask. But the pressure of day-to-day business means that thinking about the future can feel like a luxury in many companies. (more…)

How Small Businesses Can Use the Power of Nature to Thrive During Lockdown & Beyond

natural intelligence NX

Covid-19 came at us out of “left field“. It was sudden and brutal. A wave of disbelief followed that disrupted our normal working pattern significantly, and maybe, irretrievably.

For all of us who run a business, there is a deep uncertainty right now. We are worried about what will happen to the business we’ve worked so hard to build up, and we are concerned for our employees and their long-term futures. (more…)

5 Tips on How to Turn Your Sports Career Into a Business

tips on turning sport career into a business

If you are an athlete how can you create a startup and grow a business as you transition from your sports career?

Former pro basketball player, Ferran Martinez knows exactly what’s needed, so we asked him to share his top tips on how to turn a sporting career into a successful business. (more…)

3 Ways You Can Turn ‘creative luck’ Into a Skill

Luck is a skill - how to get lucky with creative thinking

In the permanent disruption of the 2020s, the ability to invent new products, processes and value propositions is critical for any business.

Not surprisingly, there’s a growing premium placed on individual creative-thinking as it invariably sparks the journey towards innovation, so we asked author and speaker, Greg Orme, to explain how you can harness your full creative potential. (more…)

How to Survive Tough Times in Business

Surviving business difficulties

Running a small business can be a bit of a roller-coaster. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, an unexpected shock can hit your business and all of a sudden, your business is experiencing a very tough time.

So how do you turn your business around when times are bad, and all seems lost? Business owner, Anthony Main shares what he learned when his business was on the brink. (more…)

12 Common Presenting & Public Speaking Myths De-Bunked

myths of public speaking and presenting

If you have ever had to make an important presentation or a big pitch, you will have had  words of wisdom showered upon you.

Although well-intentioned, much of that advice however is misguided, so we asked Anthony Garvey of Toastmasters International to reveal the most common myths when it comes to public speaking and presenting. (more…)

4 Ways to Avoid Hiring Expensive Business Consultants

alternatives to hiring business consultant

Whether you are a start-up or an established small business, you are likely to come across a challenge that requires outside input at some point in your business’s journey.

But consultants are expensive – for most SMEs, too expensive, so here are some alternatives that can help you out of a hole, without breaking the bank. (more…)

Choosing to Lead – 4 Tips for Aspiring Leaders & Game Changers

leading a buisness - have a vision

Becoming a business owner and an entrepreneur is deciding to become a leader. As a leader, your actions, behaviours and attitudes decide the ultimate fate of your business.

With leadership being vital, Florian Bay, explores some of the pitfalls leaders can fall into, and the steps you can take to lead your business to success. (more…)

How To Set Up a Loan Broker Company

set up a loan broker business

In many cases, acting as a broker and introducer for a business can be more profitable than being the company that actually lends the money.

Typically, there can be 5 or 10 times more brokers than there are lenders in an industry and they will usually receive a fee for every application, or a commission on the funded sale. (more…)

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Own Business

questions to ask yourself before starting own business

The inspiration to start a business can come at any time: in the pub, in the shower, in the supermarket, walking the dog.

How many times has someone you know announced they’ve had a great business idea? And how many of those eureka moments ended up as no more than a few notes on a napkin? (more…)

How to Bond Your Team at the Christmas Party

talk to staff at christmas party

Tis the season for office parties and dinners and, for many business owners, speeches, pep-talks and toasts.

Your Christmas party is an opportunity to bring everyone together as a group, and with the right words, inspire your team as you head into another year. (more…)

5 Tips to Help Boost Your Business with a Great Taste Award

roqberry lemon verbena product image

Within the food and beverage industry, the Great Taste Awards are highly-respected and often considered the gold standard of speciality food and drink accreditation.

Securing such a prize can catapult your product into the limelight, so we asked Kim Havelaar, Founder of Roqberry to share her know-how and advice on how to win a Great Taste Award. (more…)

How ‘Digital UX’ Rules Can Help You Write a Better Speech

Use gigital UX rules to write great speech or presentation

Over the last decade, organisations and business both big and small have been steadily investing more and more in their digital user experience (digital UX).

Interestingly, the digital UX rules businesses are employing online can be applied to help you write great speeches, talks and presentations. (more…)

10 Tips for Starting a Business at University (from someone who did it themselves)

how to set up a business when studying

A number of the world’s largest companies were founded by ambitious and determined university students who weren’t afraid to dream.

Most people know that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, but were you aware that FedEx, the global courier service, was first imagined by Frederick W. Smith in an undergraduate paper while he was studying at Yale? (more…)

How to Make Your Business More Innovative with the 6 I’s of Innovation

Increase innovation with this 6 Stage process

Managing cash flow, hiring new employees, delivering top quality customer service, these and many others, occupy the minds of small business owners.

Innovate? That is number 50 on the To Do list, when headspace allows. Yet innovation, creating value out of ideas that are new to you – is the only way to ensure you are relevant for every stage of your company’s growth. (more…)

How a Small Business Can Get Products Stocked in Supermarkets

how small business can get product stocked in supermarkets

For entrepreneurs with new food or beverage products, getting listed by a supermarket can feel like a watershed moment for your brand.

Your brand awareness is likely to skyrocket with sales following. You also get positive brand association by being seen in a major supermarket, which can help secure more stockists. (more…)

How to Bounce Back from a Business Failure

how to recover from a failed business

A failed business can have a devastating impact on a business owner. But, the lessons learned can also make an entrepreneur stronger, wiser and more determined to succeed next time.

Author and international speaker, Jonathan MacDonald, was floored by a business failure, but after the initial despair, he picked himself up and used the experience to shape his future success. (more…)

How to Create Business Cards that Make a Big Impression

how to create a great business card

Most business cards are about as much use as a scrap of paper with a name and number scribbled on it. That’s fine if you are looking for a date, but not so good for showcasing your business.

With a little thought, however, it’s easy to create a business card that packs a real promotional punch and helps you, and your small business, stand out from the crowd. (more…)

The Art of Delegation in a Small Business

delegating in small business

Delegation should be easy to do, or so you might think, however it can be very challenging in certain situations particularly for owners of small businesses.

As a business owner with a very small team, I have found it can be even harder to let go. It’s my baby. (more…)

How to Get Your Pitching Right at the First Attempt

get business pitch right

“Put that coffee down. Coffee’s for closers only”. Alec Baldwin delivered this iconic line in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. It may sound harsh but that is the reality.

Pitching an idea and closing a deal can be a nerve-wracking process. Even successful business greats like Richard Branson found the skill of pitching hard to come by. (more…)

Business Energy Switching Myths

business energy switch myths busted

If you run a business and you’ve never switched to a new energy contract, you could be paying as much as 40% more than you need to for gas and electricity.

A recent study carried out by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that a staggering £7 billion is being wasted by small and medium-sized businesses overpaying on their gas and electricity bills. (more…)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Entrepreneurs

what successful entrepreneurs have in common

We can all learn from studying successful business people. How do some individuals seem to have the knack of succeeding? Are they lucky, or do they have certain skills or traits that help them to achieve?

Paul Bassi CBE, a successful business owner himself, looks at what successful entrepreneurs have in common. (more…)