• set up partnership

    How to set up in business as a partnership

    If two or more people wish to go into business together and don’t want to set up a limited company, a partnership offers a simple way to get started. It is similar in many ways…

  • what is a sole trader

    What is a sole trader?

    If you’re new to self-employment, setting up as a sole trader is the easiest way to go. The registration process is simple, there’s almost no paperwork involved, and you don’t have to pay any registration…

  • sole trader limited

    Limited company or sole trader – which is best for me?

    One of the first tasks you will have when starting up your business will be to decide whether to set up a new limited company, or become self-employed. If you choose to go self employed,…

  • sole trader vs limited

    7 ways being a sole trader is better than working via a limited company

    For those new to the world of business, there are many things to consider. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when you’re starting a business is whether to set up as a…

  • partnership problems

    How to avoid problems with partnerships

    Many small businesses are partnerships. Yet circumstances and ambitions change, partners fall out or die. Without a good partnership agreement things can get acrimonious. Here’s how to protect yourself from the start.

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    Self-employment: is it right for you?

    Before deciding to become self-employed, it’s a good idea to think through the implications of working for yourself…