Bootstrap marketing for beginners – Part five

In the first four parts of this series, we looked at online and offline marketing techniques, how to build some buzz around your promotional campaign, and how to adopt a positive approach in other aspects of your business.

With this fifth and final part, we tie it all together by looking at a final few topics relating to streamlining your business, getting your affairs in order, and maximising your profit.

Bootstrap marketing for beginners – Part four

Over the past three parts of this introduction to bootstrap marketing, we’ve looked at the different ways in which you can promote your brand. But obviously there are different approaches to adopt, even to the same marketing method – and it’s up to you to choose the style that’s best suited to your business.

Bootstrap marketing for beginners – Part two

Our look at bootstrap marketing for beginners continues with another ten top ideas of how you needn’t drive your finances into the red, purely for the sake of a full-page ad in a national newspaper or a ten-second TV commercial.