How a collaborative mindset can help your startup succeed

Companies often look to improve collaboration in order to help streamline their processes and encourage strategic pace in their organisation. Collaboration is seen as an important element in helping organisations approach their customers and industry from a more judicious standpoint, rather than striving to get ahead by mere speed.

Effective collaboration is much more than just ‘working together’ – it’s a strategic choice too. But what does this mean for start-up businesses? We asked William Buist, founder of xTEN to answer some common questions business start-ups ask about collaboration; (more…)

10 business email mistakes you should avoid

Every week at ByteStart, we receive hundreds of emails – many from other small businesses keen on working with us, wanting to publicise their services, exchange information or work with us in different ways.

Over the years we’ve seen a massive variety of writing and presentation styles, and as a result we’ve composed 10 tips on what small business owners should try to avoid when exchanging emails.

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Make it harder for customers to walk away

With the economic dowturn still with us, despite encouraging signs that the worst may now be over, many small businesses will have experienced ‘shrinkage’ in their customer base.

And that leaves you fighting your competitors for a smaller and smaller share of the market (until your competitors go under, anyway).

Actually, there is a bountiful supply of business for you, and the good news is you already have it.

How to be the king of creative communication

With millions of sites offering hundreds of thousands of products and services, the web can be a scary place to do business.

But one thing I’ve learned since joining the communications industry 15 years ago is that killer copy will put you streets ahead of the competition. Here are 10 ways to take your eCommerce content to new levels…