Increasing your personal efficiency – how to get more done in less time

Whether you are starting a business for the first time or have run your business for years, every business owner knows that the demand on their time is one of the hardest things to manage.

With time being so precious, you need to make every minute matter. So how can you be at your most efficient each day? What efficient or inefficient routines have you grown accustomed to in your everyday life?

Improving personal efficiency is not about forcing yourself into a daily regiment of torture, it is about creating awareness of what you want and discovering a few natural steps that lean more in the direction of where you want to go.

Efficiency savings – 5 ways to cut down on your business costs

At a time when ‘efficiency savings’ are all the rage, this is a good time for small business owners to look at their own ventures, to see if there are areas where money is being wasted unnecessarily.

Here are some tips to help you cut down on the costs your business has to bear, which don’t involve having to increase sales.

3 ways to cut business costs overnight

When the credit crunch first hit us last year – followed quickly by the recession – most business owners immediately reviewed their costs and made cut backs.

But you shouldn’t wait for “bad times” to review costs. To ensure your business is always as profitable as it can be, you should be reviewing costs continually.