A Guide to calculating holiday pay

When you employ staff you must give them a certain amount of annual leave, and pay them during this time.

If your employees work a set amount of hours, and received a fixed salary, calculating their annual leave entitlement and holiday pay is straightforward. However, if staff have irregular hours, work overtime, or receive commissions or bonuses then calculating holiday pay can get quite tricky.

To help new business owners and employers understand the regulations on calculating holiday pay, we asked employment law expert, Peter Done to explain the key points for small businesses;

Employers’ guide to managing sick leave

As a small business owner, it is likely that you will have had at least a couple of employees call in sick this winter and with the cold weather expected to last a while longer, sick leave may become a HR issue that you deal with well into Spring.

Employers’ guide to employee holiday and leave entitlement

The Summer holidays are fast approaching and if you are an employer, you may soon be inundated with holiday forms from your workforce, as staff begin to prepare for their holidays.

Although a lot of businesses have a workforce structure that enables adequate cover during holiday season, there are some that struggle due to the lack of staff and or financial resources to provide cover, during the holidays.

How to get a proper holiday (even if you’re a one man band)

What is it with business owners? They just don’t seem able to switch off and enjoy some spare time.

Many business owners complain they can’t find the time to get a holiday… then when they do get a few days off, they spend it worrying about the business, constantly checking their emails. It’s crazy!