A Guide to Income Protection Insurance for Sole Traders & Start-Ups

buying income protection insurance business owner

Making the decision to become self-employed can be daunting, especially if you’ve been an employee on a regular salary with all the perks that can bring, like a pension, holidays and sickness pay.

The transition from this relative security to going it alone is not always easy, but there are steps you can take to help protect you financially should the need arise, allowing you to concentrate on growing and developing your business. (more…)

Shop, Pub & Restaurant Insurance – Make Sure You’re Covered

tips on buying shop pub and restaurant insurance

If your new business venture is a shop, pub or restaurant, there are a number of unique risks you will need to insure against.

Unlike an internet-based business or one run from an office, you will have greater contact with the public. And in the legally-aware society we live in, that exposes your business to a greater risk of being sued.

Before you sign the lease on your first premises, use this guide to the insurances you may need.

Guide to Van and Business Vehicle Insurance

buy van and business vehicle insurance

Like private vehicles, business vehicles and vans must be insured, with minimum levels of cover a legal requirement.

But like many things in the business world, cutting back on initial costs can prove to be false economy in the long run – so what should you consider when arranging your business vehicle cover, and when should you consider putting up a little extra cash? (more…)