How a little negative thinking can help your startup succeed

You’ve got to be a bit of an optimist to start a new business. This positive outlook undoubtedly helps you to get through the ups and downs of starting your own business, but it’s worth investing in a bit of negative thinking too.

When astronaut Chris Hadfield described his preparation to go into space, his focus was not on how fantastic it was going to be when he got there but on being ready to deal with the things that could kill him, so he could get to come back again.

This approach has parallels for how we start up too – we can dream of the big fabulous destination, but we have to expect that we will need to overcome challenges to be a success.

Running a startup is about stepping up to run a messy marathon, not hunkering down to run a perfect sprint. We have to make sure we can go the distance and this means we need to talk about embracing failure, affordable risk and filling the weak spots.


The twenty-first century entrepreneur

Changing business circumstances are a fact of life. Technology has moved the goalposts, made routine tasks a lot easier and delivered a revolution in the way we communicate with clients, customers, partners and just about everyone we come into contact with.

Expectations have changed about when and where we are contactable, along with the speed at which we are asked to make important decisions. Managing technology and the way we interface with our workplace are now vital cornerstones to working smarter, not harder.