How to choose the right cloud phone system for your business

how to choose right phone system for your business

As internet access becomes increasingly universal, more and more businesses are turning to cloud phone systems (also known as PBX, virtual or internet phone systems and VoIP) instead of traditional landlines.

The benefits of a cloud phone system are numerous – they’re more flexible, allowing team members to make and receive calls without being tied to their desk, and they’re often more cost-effective for smaller businesses.

If you’re thinking of moving to a cloud phone system, or setting up your first business phone system, this guide will help you to work out which features you’ll need, and what to look out for when choosing a phone system supplier. (more…)

Why the humble telephone is still an important business tool in a digital world

Many small business owners now focus a lot of time and effort on their website and on how their customers are interacting with them online. We live in an increasingly digital world, so this is understandable, but the humble telephone call can still be a very valuable business tool.

Calls coming into your business convert more often and more quickly than online leads, ultimately making you more money. Not only that, but tracking your phone calls can give you useful data which you can use to improve the efficiency of your promotional efforts.

Clever ways to run your business phone networks

As soon as there is more than one person in your business, you need to think about how you manage your phones.

If your business doesn’t get a lot of calls, or the majority of your staff don’t make and take calls, then you’ll be fine with one line and one phone.

But if the phone is an essential tool in your business, you will need a network that can grow as the business does. And it will save a lot of grief if you plan ahead while there are just a few people in the business.

Fortunately there are lots of options for business phone networks these days, and many ways to keep the costs down, as this latest Bytestart guide shows.