• national insurance rise 2022

    Dividend tax and National Insurance hike for small businesses from April 2022

    The Government has announced a sharp hike in National Insurance and Dividend Tax rates from April 2022 to help fund a new Social Care and Health Levy. How much will this cost small business owners?

  • limited company tax calculator

    Limited Company Tax Calculator

    If you’re a company owner, this useful calculator will work out your net profits, after allowing for expenses and tax.

  • online seller reporting to hmrc

    Tech companies must report income details of online sellers to HMRC after 2023

    If your business sells products or services via online platforms like eBay, Amazon and Airbnb, you should be aware that these tech companies will be obliged to share details of your earnings with HMRC from early 2023.

  • tax on dividends

    How are limited company dividends taxed?

    Here’s how company dividends are taxed, and how you calculate the amount of tax you need to pay on your dividends.

  • business tax relief

    Tax reliefs and allowances your business could benefit from

    Tax reliefs could save you thousands on your Corporation tax bill. If you haven’t yet explored these reliefs, there is no time like the present.

  • limited company expenses

    Limited company expenses – what can you claim for?

    Which expenses you can and can’t claim via your limited company, and what to consider when deciding whether it’s you or your business that should pay for something.