Tools for small businesses that you need in your (work)life

Small business owners can often get caught up doing anything but the work actually related to the nature of their businesses. Here we list some tools that can help reduce the amount of time spent doing ‘admin’.

Technology has moved on significantly in recent years, enabling personalised experiences through streamlined processes which cut unnecessary man-hours and enable start-up founders to concentrate their skills on the important parts of their business. Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, can take some of the strain off their shoulders.

In this article, we list 5 tools for small businesses that will make (work)life easier.

AI Meeting Assistant

Planning for, contributing to, writing up notes and circulating action points from meetings take time. This is where an AI assistant comes in.

Sembly is an app that works with online meeting facilities such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and gMeet to record and transcribe meeting notes through the use of AI.

Some of its features include accurate transcription, speaker identification, stored meetings, searchable transcripts, Glance view meeting summaries, and time-stamped notes.

Users can invite Sembly to meetings by adding it to Google or Outlook calendars or by being invited to the meeting, then accessing the meeting details afterwards through the app.

Flexible Workspaces

Many small businesses in 2022 don’t follow traditional office setups. It might be that staff work remotely, are on flexitime, or in shared workspaces.

Following the pandemic, some office spaces are hot-desk only, or have even shut up shop. But there might be times when a space is needed, if only temporarily for a meeting, getting team members together, or holding interviews.

Flexible workspaces can provide these premises on a daily basis to a more long-term solution, often providing companies with all the modern office requirements needed.

Spacepool, an Airbnb for businesses, can be used by companies that are looking for a flexible workspace to rent.

Workspaces are categorised according to office type, length of stay, team size, and location. The site connects customers directly to hosts, provides secure contracts, and organises automated billing and payments.

AI Copywriter

Whether it’s short-form copy for emails or a creative basis to write long-form articles on, AI copywriter tools can be useful in creating original copy for small businesses. This saves time and significant cost when writing marketing or website copy, social media content, or product descriptions, for example. uses AI to create fresh copy for a wealth of different purposes including sales copy, Instagram posts, social media ads, and product descriptions. It can also be used to generate blog titles, marketing slogans, and meta descriptions.

Smart Forms and Surveys

Whether a bespoke payment form is needed or an information-seeking survey, it can take a significant amount of technical knowledge to be able to create these forms and use them online.

A smart form tool enables small businesses to create whatever form is needed easily with no technical experience.

Paperform is an online customisable form creator that enables users to build forms which can be automatically used to take payments, schedule appointments, create personalised responses, and integrate with over 2000 applications with ease and without the need for long lines of coding.

Easy Presentations

Preparing PowerPoint presentations can be a long and time-consuming process. Presentations are an inevitable part of running many small businesses, and it can take skill and knowledge to create one that is going to have the right impact for an audience.

The SlideTeam Presentation website enables companies to create impactful presentations quickly and easily without the in-depth technical knowledge.

From budgets to flowcharts, animations, maps, and marketing plans, these templates can be used to create complete PowerPoint presentations in just three clicks.

Anyone who runs a small business knows about the pressures of time and labour, and every tool that is available to them helps to save this.

Small businesses are now able to use technology such as AI to aid in saving time and people hours, becoming more efficient, and getting more professional results.

Last updated: 19th June, 2022

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