4 Ways to Show Your Authority as a Business

how to be seen as an authority

Is your company an authority in its chosen market? If it’s not — it should be.

Being seen as an authority in your line of work is a key part of attracting customers, so here are 4 ways you can build your authority and get yourself ahead of the competition.

When a customer selects a company to work with, they want to know that the business is reliable and authoritative.

Here, Kamran Mirshahi, founder of PPI claims company, Canary Claims, outlines how to use authority marketing to convey this to customers and clients — showing off your expertise within your industry, proving you are the very best at what you do, and set yourself apart from the competition?

1. Create a Web Page About You and Your Business

Your website is where the majority of potential customers will find you. This means it’s the ideal location to tell customers all about your business and show your authority.

Although crafting well-written information on product and service pages will demonstrate your expertise, it’s also worth creating a dedicated page to explain more about why you’re the best at what you do and your knowledge of the industry.

On this page, you can include studying credentials and industry-recognised qualifications, your years in the industry and your background. It’s a way to show off and explain to customers why you are the best at what you do.

2. Craft Knowledgeable Blogs

Creating a page on your website about your company is ideal, but this isn’t the only way to show off your authority on your website. Spending time creating high-quality and informative blog posts can not only show authority but also help you to rank for relevant keywords — meaning you’ll get seen by more customers searching for what you provide.

There are numerous reasons to include a blog in your content strategy. A well-crafted blog can answer specific questions in your industry and demonstrate knowledge. If it’s useful to customers, contains keywords and is well written, it has a good chance of ranking in Google’s search results.

Once a customer lands on this blog post, you have the opportunity to show off your authority and insight on the topic, and, from here, a customer can learn more about your brand and may convert into a customer.

3. Have Credible Reviews

Reviews have become an integral part of buying products and using a company’s services. Data reveals that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends. Reviews help customers to make informed decisions based on other people’s previous experiences.

Previous customers have a lot of power, so keeping them happy is crucial. For small businesses with just a few online reviews, lots of disgruntled customers can be damaging. Every company should strive to keep customers happy and generate positive reviews.

Happy customers show that you are good at what you do. If you do receive some bad reviews, responding to these customers in a professional manner can show your new customers that you are keen to make the situation right.

According to Trustpilot, 88% of people who leave bad reviews want the situation to be fixed and to be contacted by the company.

4. Create a Focus

Nobody can be an authority on everything. Anybody looking to buy a specialist product wants a company that knows everything possible about that specific product.

A company that sells a variety of products may have broad knowledge, but customers don’t want broad. To become an authority on a topic, you need to be specific — not a jack of all trades. Most agree that it’s easier to grow a business if you find and embrace a specific niche.

Kamran decided to keep his claims focus on PPI, rather than resolving other types of claims too. This means he can demonstrate authority about all things related to PPI claims. Keeping the focus on PPI informs his marketing strategy and means all on-site content can focus specifically on his area of expertise  — which allows him to benefit from search engine traffic for queries related to the service his business offers.

Consider how your company can demonstrate its authority to customers. Even in an industry with lots of competition, you can stand out from the crowd.

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