How to set up an online shop

If you’re thinking about setting up an online shop and want to know the best way to go about it, our step-by-step guide tells you all you need to know.

Starting up a franchise business – an overview

franchise business

There are currently over 900 different businesses operating as franchises across the UK. Some of the more instantly recognisable brand names that offer franchise opportunities in the UK are Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s and Subway.

Is 2021 the year to start a property development business?

converting retail premises to residential - Permitted Development Rights

Could 2021 be the year of the small independent property developer? The last 10 months have seen more changes to the planning rules in England than the previous 10 years combined, as the government looks for a way to reach its target of creating 300,000 new homes a year, and simultaneously stimulate the economy as part of the COVID recovery efforts. (more…)

The Democratisation of Professional Services & How to Use it to Your Advantage

opportinity democratisation professional services

With lockdown largely forcing the country into remote working, digital adoption has been accelerated exponentially. Of course, this isn’t without its challenges, as businesses struggle to ensure their staff have access to the right tools and technology, are communicating effectively, and continue to offer the same high level of service to clients. (more…)

How to Successfully Launch Your Drinks Brand in Time for Summer

launch drinks brand

As you may expect, soft drink sales tend to skyrocket in summer. In fact, the start of the primary sales season starts as soon as Easter and lasts through to the end of September.

With the global pandemic leading to most high street shops temporarily shutting, supermarkets, along with food and beverage retailers, have seen an uptick in business, creating an opportunity for new drinks brands to gain significant traction. (more…)

8 key steps to get your startup off the ground

tips to launch your new business

Starting a business may be exciting, however there are a few things that you need to make sure that you get right from the beginning.

Here are eight top tips for startup success that business expert, Carl Reader, shares in his new book, BOSS IT; (more…)

Will COVID-19 Inspire a New Wave of British Entrepreneurs?

coronovirus new business start ups

Starting one’s own business is a desire that many people have. Some harbour the ambition from a very young age, while for others it is something that grows throughout their working lives; for some, the lure is the opportunity to be their own boss, for others there is a very clear issue or gap in the market that they have an idea of how to solve. (more…)

Esport Opening Up New Opportunities for Travel Businesses

esport travel business

So far, 2020 has been a year to forget for those operating in a whole range of industries. But few have been harder hit than the travel sector. There is cautious optimism that the worst is behind us, but the industry faces changes that will linger for the long term, perhaps permanently. (more…)

How to close a presentation or speech

how to close a presentation

Have you ever ended a presentation and wondered if your audience got the point or was convinced to invest in your venture? If you have, chances are you did not properly prepare your closing.

Here, Vinette Hoffman-Jackson of Toastmasters International explains how to close your speech, pitch or presentation successfully. (more…)

How to survive tough times in business

Running a small business can be a bit of a roller-coaster. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, an unexpected shock can hit your business and all of a sudden, your business is experiencing a very tough time.

So how do you turn your business around when times are bad, and all seems lost? Business owner, Anthony Main shares what he learned when his business was on the brink. (more…)

5 questions to ask yourself before starting a business

questions to ask yourself before starting own business

The inspiration to start a business can come at any time: in the pub, in the shower, in the supermarket, walking the dog.

How many times has someone you know announced they’ve had a great business idea? And how many of those eureka moments ended up as no more than a few notes on a napkin? (more…)

How to start a business at university (from someone who did it themselves)

how to set up a business when studying

A number of the world’s largest companies were founded by ambitious and determined university students who weren’t afraid to dream.

Most people know that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, but were you aware that FedEx, the global courier service, was first imagined by Frederick W. Smith in an undergraduate paper while he was studying at Yale? (more…)

How to get your pitching right at the first attempt

“Put that coffee down. Coffee’s for closers only”. Alec Baldwin delivered this iconic line in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. It may sound harsh but that is the reality.

Pitching an idea and closing a deal can be a nerve-wracking process. Even successful business greats like Richard Branson found the skill of pitching hard to come by. (more…)

Selling a small business – the how and why

When it comes to selling your business, there are a number of routes you can take. To ensure your business sale goes smoothly and you get full value for your business, we look at the process of selling a small business and highlight some of the key considerations you will need to make. (more…)

From concept to creation: The 10 steps of product design

steps of product design steps

Devising new products and bringing them to market are vital parts of growing a business, but successful new product development rarely happens by accident.

Product design is a complicated area, so we asked Chris Flynn, founder of product design consultancy Flynn Product Design to take us through the key phases of product design. (more…)

The power of the ‘pilot’ – 3 reasons you should test your business idea before launch

Creating and selling your own products and services, building a network of happy customers and managing your own time are just three of the perks that come with running your own business. But all too often, I meet entrepreneurs who are burnt out, stressed and lacking sufficient income. This is often because they did not trial their business ideas before they got stuck in. So today, I want to convince you that you should ‘pilot’ your business idea before you launch your new venture for real. (more…)

5 businesses you can start and run part-time

part time work

Running a part-time business alongside your regular job doesn’t have to be a load of hassle or massively time-consuming.

Earning a second income can be achieved with just a few hours’ work every week – and it’s a great way to supplement your current living

The key legal issues you will face as a small business owner

There are a number of different legal matters which need to be addressed before setting up a new business. Seeking good advice to help you through the planning and setup process ensures your business is built on solid foundations and can provide protection when things do not go to plan.

How to set up a taxi business

how to set up a taxi company

If you are thinking of starting up a taxi business, the most important and initial steps to take are to research the UK taxi industry as a whole, find a unique selling point, choose a brand name and obtain the relevant equipment, employees and licenses.

Nowadays, with emergence of taxi apps like Uber and Get Taxi, starting a taxi company in 2018 is certainly a different ball game than it would have been a decade ago. (more…)

The 10 steps to successfully managing a project

10 teps to successfully managing projects

Businesses operate by planning and executing a series of never-ending projects, though we may not always see it that way.

Everything from running a successful marketing campaign, to taking over a rival company, is essentially a project that requires the same rules to be followed.

So here are 10 steps that will help you to manage projects that run smoothly and deliver the goods.


How to set up a loans company

Stricter lending criteria and the boost of digital technology has led to a huge demand in the loans industry in the UK.

With more and more applications being taken out online and by mobile and the ability to make faster payments, consumers are ditching their traditional bank managers to apply for finance online. (more…)

8 common mistakes new business owners make

Building a successful new business is a roller-coaster. There will be days you know you couldn’t do anything else, and days you wish you did. Sometimes you’ll be on top of the world, but at other times it will be a struggle to drag yourself out of bed.

In the high-stakes world of starting a new business, only one thing is certain: everyone will make mistakes, but only those who learn from them will succeed.

The 7 qualities every business woman needs

Popular media would have us believe that the legendary entrepreneurs are born that way, concocting profitable deals with their schoolmates from a young age, and that you either have those elusive qualities or you don’t. I disagree.

From what I have experienced over the years, you can acquire the qualities of those successful business owners, if you want to. (more…)

5 businesses you can start for £100

start business £100

You no longer need huge financial backing and an original idea to start your own successful business. In fact, you could start your own business tomorrow – and have made a profit by next week.

For years you may have dreamt of running your own business – but not had the funds or the idea to get started. So how would you react if I said that you could start a profitable business for as little as £100?

Learning to grow – the early years of your new business

To create a successful new business you need four things;

  1.  A good plan,
  2.  A good product that people actually want,
  3.  Good people who can make things happen, and
  4.  A good supply of money.

Running a business is also a way of life, which invariably takes up a lot of your time, so when you are starting a business choose something that you enjoy doing, something you have a real passion for. Someone who waits to be successful in a business they don’t have a passion for will be waiting a very long time. (more…)