Why a Growing Number of Businesses are Purchasing Electric Cars

business going electric

Numerous businesses throughout the UK have begun embracing a “green” approach in regards to their daily operations. From installing LED light bulbs within offices, to outsourcing information storage solutions to cloud-based systems, these are all excellent practices in terms of sustainability. (more…)

Esport Opening Up New Opportunities for Travel Businesses

esport travel business

So far, 2020 has been a year to forget for those operating in a whole range of industries. But few have been harder hit than the travel sector. There is cautious optimism that the worst is behind us, but the industry faces changes that will linger for the long term, perhaps permanently. (more…)

COVID-19: Changing the Face of Recruiting

coronavirus pandemic hiring staff

Coronavirus is changing how businesses attract and hire great employees. Charles Hipps, Founder and CEO of Oleeo, looks at how the recruitment process is having to adapt to COVID-19 and discusses the opportunities and challenges posed by the pandemic. (more…)

6 Tips to Stay Connected When Working Remotely

mental health survival guide professionals

With most businesses in the UK now having a good portion of employees working from home, and with the likelihood of an increase in remote working going forward, we asked author Andy Salkeld to share his tips on how teams can stay connected when based at different locations. (more…)

Top Tips to Save Money on Shipping Services

vehicle tracking technology

There are many cost overruns which can cripple what might have otherwise been a successful business venture.

For businesses operating in the delivery space, one of the most prevalent concerns involves the costs associated with shipping products to the end user. (more…)

Budget 2020 – Summary for Small Businesses

Budget 2020 small business

In the face of Brexit uncertainties and the COVID-19 outbreak the new Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered his first Budget.

He announced a number of measures to help both individuals and businesses to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and these are summarised in this Budget Summary which comes courtesy of our friendly accountants, HFM; (more…)

Which Cities Have the Savviest Business Owners?

Cities with savviest business owners

Savvy business owners are always looking to keep their costs down by ensuring they get the best deal possible. Savings made on everything from stationery to electricity can add up over the year and allow spare cash to be invested in areas that can really make a difference to the business.

But where in the UK are the savviest business owners? (more…)

Is it Safe to Switch to a Smaller Business Energy Supplier?

are small energy suppliers safe

In the latest results from the Which? annual survey of the ‘best and worst energy suppliers’ survey, smaller suppliers come out well on top, while the Big Six languish at the foot of the table.

But, given the recent spate of small energy suppliers going to the wall, is it safe to switch to a supplier outside of the Big Six? (more…)

The FinTech Companies Helping You To Remortgage

Remortgaging is a popular way to save money on your mortgage – with lower rates available to those that switch. Introductory rates are often available for the first few years of your mortgage deal, but once you get to year 3 or 5, the standard variable rate (SVR) kicks in. (more…)

Trade Body Tells Customers ‘To Be Careful’ of Claims Companies

PayDay Loans

The highly controversial payday loans industry is under further criticism, but this time it is not towards the lenders, but the claims companies.

With the window to claim for PPI coming to a close in August this year, many claims providers are turning their attention to the potentially lucrative mis-sold payday loans industry. (more…)

New Research Highlights Regional Late Payment Risk for Small Businesses

Late Payment - by UK area

New analysis of data from over 3 million SMEs up and down the country has revealed the areas of the UK where late payment is at its worst.

121 areas of the UK were scored and ranked based on how quickly businesses pay their invoices, highlighting which regions are the highest and lowest risk for freelancers and small businesses when it comes to getting paid on time. (more…)

Cost-Saving Tips for Tech Start-Ups in the North

serviced office manchester

When it comes to starting up a business, London has itself a new rival. With more and more entrepreneurial spirits being drawn to the North, cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield have developed strong technology cultures, making them popular locations for tech start-ups. (more…)

Betting Companies to Lose Jobs Over Cut on Maximum Stakes

slot machine


High street betting stores are expected to ‘lose jobs’ over the recent crackdown in fixed odds betting machines (FOBTs). New rules coming into place in April 2019 will see the maximum stake changed from £100 to just £2, something that is expected to impact the profits and business of high street bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral. (more…)

Budget 2018 – Summary for Small Businesses & Self Employed

Autumn Budget 2018 - Phillip Hammond speech

On Monday 29 October, Philip Hammond delivered his second Autumn Budget. With stronger tax receipts driving better than expected Government borrowing figures, the Autumn 2018 Budget was more generous than most observers expected. So much so, that the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) calculates these spending promises to be the biggest Budget giveaway since the independent body was set up in 2010.

However, with the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a trade deal hanging over the country, the Chancellor did say that he will consider a Spring 2019 Budget should there be a no-deal Brexit.

To help you quickly grasp the major changes, we’ve worked with HFM Tax to bring you a summary of the key points from the Autumn Budget 2018 likely to affect small business owners and self-employed people; (more…)

How customer demands are reshaping the logistics industry

customer forces shaping logistics

The logistics industry is heavily influenced by customers, and frankly delivery companies would not be able to operate without their consumers.

With, the growth in ecommerce and the increasing demands from consumers for ever-faster delivery options, the logistics industry is being forced to adapt to meet this shift in expectations. (more…)

Autumn Budget 2017 – Key Points for small business owners

Autumn Budget 2017 Key points for small businesses

On Wednesday 22 November, Philip Hammond delivered the UK’s first Autumn Budget for 21 years.

Constrained by high borrowings, falling growth forecasts, poor productivity, the uncertainty of Brexit and a very slim Government majority the Chancellor wasn’t in a position to announce too many radical changes.

They might not grab the headlines but there are changes small businesses need to be aware. Here, we’ve worked with HFM Tax to bring you a summary of the key points from the Autumn Budget 2017 likely to directly affect small business owners; (more…)